Ara_Dow's Ban Appeal

  1. 4 weeks ago
    Edited 4 weeks ago by Ara_Dow

    In game name: Ara_Dow
    Reson why I got banned: X-Ray/Chest ESP
    Reson why I want to get unbanned: I don’t understand I was not using any x-ray :/

  2. Hello, I'm the mod that banned you.

    You did xray, and you know that I know you're lying. And if you know that I know that you know you're lying, then why lie, you know?
    Anyways, point is you xrayed directly to 15 veins of completely stone incased copper (of all the ores, copper?). You didn't mine a single piece of other ore, which clearly displays what you were specifically and intentionally looking through blocks for.

    Appeal denied, Best of luck elsewhere.


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