1. 6 weeks ago

    Hello! Semester is over, tried to log in, says I'm blocked because I have a proxy VPN. I don't think I even have one of those. What do I do about this?

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    Try logging in again. The server auto detects and bans VPNs and sometimes gets it wrong. If at all where you're at a VPN is being used, make sure it's off before logging in.

  3. Still says blocked, but it sounds like something on my end, I'll check back here in a bit and see what's up.

  4. Nah, I don't have a VPN on my PC and it still says blocked. Anything to be done on your end, or is this something to do with my internet?

  5. Are you using an internet connection belonging to your university? Sometimes this poses issues with these occurrences.

  6. No, same internet as always, at home, no changes that I know of. Is there a way to tell the server to unban me? No hurry. Does this count as a ban appeal?

  7. L

  8. Thanks for the F shack. Love, Dirty Mike and the boyz.

  9. I added you to the whitelist, you should be all good now!

  10. Your ip shows as high risk and blacklisted on one of the services we use to block hackers and spammers.

    IP Reputation: 89 - High Risk
    Mail SPAM Block List: Blacklisted IP Reported as Blacklisted
    Proxy/VPN Detection: Proxy/VPN Proxy/VPN Detected
    This IP address appears to be a high risk proxy connection.
  11. Thanks for checking! I also see that you checked the ban appeal. Unfortunately, I am still blocked :(. Is there anything I can do on my end to make my IP less risk? (Idk what that means in this context, risk for what?)

  12. Hey, 11th time's a charm, I'm in! Thanks for helping!

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