TopChickenDrumy's Bann Appeal

  1. 4 weeks ago


    Ban Reason: Hacks

    Now now now, I know what you're thinking. This bozo was using flight hacks we gotta rid of him, yay for us.
    I want to express my sincereist apologises for this. I was high and didnt know what I was doing for the most part. It was a mistake and i wont do it again. May you possibly express a little bit of sympathy for this poor rat and allow yourselves a shred of pity to allow me to continue making new friends and memories with your server. ;)
    I promise i wont do it again, you can take my first born son as insurance and I will be very grateful. Hell I'd even boost your discord server. I admit I did wrong but I am here trying to make myself the better rat. Please consider my proposal.

  2. While we appreciate the apology, you were still hacking. You're responsible for what happens on your account, regardless if you were in the right state of mind or not. Hacking is a permanent ban and we don't accept bribes.

    Appeal denied. Best of luck elsewhere.

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