Crash_Rat_notsus Ban appeal

  1. 5 weeks ago
    Edited 5 weeks ago by Crash_Rat_notsus

    Reason of ban: "hacked client"

    \UNBAN me bro I got banned for "Hacked client" bro I was using just Minecraft I have lunar client running in the background of my pc and discord says I am using it BUT I am not cause I would have a moon in the start of my username. I also do not have any other clients So PLEASE unban me

  2. Edited 4 weeks ago by Dennari43

    Hello, I'm the one who banned you.

    We take hacking very seriously here. After much deliberation, you were determined to have used a modded client and hacked and were a threat to the integrity of our server.

    Appeal denied. Best of luck elsewhere.

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