What are you listening to?

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    Close your eyes and enjoy~

  4. Before I got on here I was listening to Flex by Arizona Zervas...

    Before that I listened to Grems, Nekfeu, and Le Klub des 7.

    All rappers, three of them French.

    I was also listening to 20syl, Bro Safari, Major Lazer, Tristam, and Droptek.

    I listen to weird stuff.

  5. I listen to the sound if silence... (Not the song)

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    link text
    All day every day
    Pirate Metal - Alestorm

  7. @TheDunmerRaven
    Thought you might appreciate this.

  8. witness this good stoner-trash

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    "To Be Alive" is one of my most favorites of Puppet's pieces. The channel is awesome I've even got one of the pushies of Monster Cat.

    @Sofatroll I spent my time drawing to "Sci-fi or die," pretty cool.

  10. link text
    Asling is a savage xD this is a old movie

  11. @Sirchristopher10 link text
    Asling is a savage xD this is a old movie

    Oh Awesome some else that watched the secret of kells

  12. ll cool j im bad

  13. @Angel_Dust_

    Gotta love the ElectroSwing genre :D

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  15. This is my playlist I've built up over the years and I'm still adding to it damn you autoplay it's an ungodly amalgamation of charts trash, vocaloid,vocaloid mashups, covers of vocaloid songs, vocaloid covers of other songs and some game music a lot of which are remixes (Feel like i said vocaloid A LOT there) for best listening experience just don't listen to it >.< You were warned ^^ Apologies if I fudged up the link XD

    But specifically rn some good ol' Clean Bandit <3

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    eminem good guy and good song

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