What are you listening to?

  1. last year

    i'll post my 40+ song YT 'mixtape'
    hit shuffle

    also you can post yt links and stuff for your music/mixtapes
    remember to try other peoples songs :D

  2. The entire musical hamilton. give it a shot.

  3. I love this song atm though I haven't created a play list for it.

  4. You have to admit, we had the best national anthem. Sure it has the same melody now, but the meaning in the good ol' days was just better. link text

  5. oh hey nysic i have heard that
    didnt like it much :P

  6. Deleted last year by JDAKandEEK
  7. Edited last year by BoneChi11er

    Theres a couple of things I like for example NSP (this was the only video of theirs appropriate enough to post up on the forums :P)

    Though who doesn't love deadmau5!

  8. Edited last year by sovietsuperman

    link text

    Won't play the vid, but it's the best song on here

  9. thats twice I've seen something deadpool-realated on the forums.

  10. Nujabes and Dj Okawari!

  11. Edited last year by Pimpcy

    screaming cause @BoneChi11er Loves deadmau5

  12. My Jam

  13. "Shadowland" from the Lion King Broadway soundtrack. #theaternerd

  14. @Pimpcy Some chords is my favorite song of his. yours?

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