What are you listening to?

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  3. I don't know how to post videos + I want the developer of this forum to die for still embeding flash when youtube has a HTML5 player - I can't see any of your videos

    But I'm listening to Buckethead

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  5. Buckethead eh @bSan420 i actually learned Big Sur Moon from em :P

  6. @MagnaOpera finally some Weird Al!!!! I was going to post a bunch of weird al stuff tjis weekend actually lol

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  8. Rhiannon

  9. Enjoy some more weird J-Pop

  10. Started getting curious to what sets I missed because of the lineup clashing with other artists so I decided to listen to this

  11. Hope nothing is an acceptable answer lol

  12. Kevin LeSean

    Pretty relaxed rap, nice for at night, before bed.

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    @GibsonAxe Buckethead eh @bSan420 i actually learned Big Sur Moon from em :P

    You should check his last albums... Buckethead has released more than 200 in the last 5 years. Songs for all your moods.

  15. last year
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    Level 42 - Lessons In Love.... {Running in the Family} 1987

    80's cheese but a solid bass line drive it forward. Cant help but turn the volume up when this comes on the radio.

  16. Love this set, probably one of the best this year at EDC. Shame I had to miss it to watch another artist

    Gaia EDCLV 2016

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    Roy Khan in all his glory

    and then Tommy

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