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  2. 2 years ago

    Can we all just appreciate this song ( and the film ) for a sec

    I bet you're all sitting there be like "wtf jam didn't post vocaloid as per" well worry not here it is :D

  3. Infinite daps by RL Grime + Baauer

  4. Stooki Sound - Talking About

  5. Dank music^

  6. Mix - Avenged Sevenfold - Shepherd of Fire - Black Ops Zombies Music Video:
    My dank playlist^

  7. So, I'm tri-lingual (French, Spanish, English) and my brain decided it would be interesting to look up French metal... can I just say, French sounds so incredibly strange when screamed or made to sound guttural. lol

    In other news, this is my work music currently:

  8. I'm sorry if the video offended anyone, but I think the song is real good.. ^^

  9. You probably can't understand it but currently listening to it.
    Also :

  10. i recommend shut up and dance by someone

  11. let's get some K-Pop going in here! XD

    well, this is more k-rap? k-hip hop? lol who knows..


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