What are you listening to?

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  2. 2 years ago

    Best war of the worlds ever

  3. ^that's deep af

  4. This is insane and only has 564 likes on SoundCloud. This has to be seen.


  5. I im listning to

  6. well after searching for 10 years( not even exaggerating) i found the song playing in my head all the time

  7. this is my playlist:
    this is the lyricless version:

  8. This song is perfect for lit raids !

  9. @wblaine128 you cant say no to this...
    btw RIP @iwarriiori

  10. Edited 2 years ago by WilhelmTheGreat

    I unironically listen to this
    also this

  11. #TBT Heyy remember when these guys were still together

  12. please watch this.

  13. also take a look at italian music XD

  14. @just_a_penguin

    Wow nice song, though I dont understand it xD Nice beat though.

  15. Going to this fellas' concert tomorrow! ^^ Yes I am listening to kpop so bite me xD

  16. Edited 2 years ago by BoneChi11er

    need i say any more

  17. Edited 2 years ago by Tweakerzoid

    strait from the 90's chest!

  18. :P

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