What are you listening to?

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  5. link text
    link text
    link text

  6. link text
    link text
    Dis one is great, Savvy?! GREAT!! link text

  7. link text
    this one is my most favourite

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    dude @Abbasilol OMG. Still playing?

  9. @Blackfish_ dude @Abbasilol OMG. Still playing?

    Sup dude , u making a big return ?

  10. @Blackfish_ Ahoy, i just came back from a long inactivity myself, not long as yer ofc :D. i just come around sometimes chillin` out wit ppl, also lets not make it off topic :P, cya ingame :)

  11. https://open.spotify.com/user/raberino/playlist/6APFxp9AUjFIjwkIgOyIAd

    my spotify playlist.

  12. @2Chill Sugar is amazin :) how bout this one?

    some soundtrack of league songs :P

  13. @rnc2011 The entire musical hamilton. give it a shot.

    yes! please! what's your favorite song there?
    guns n ships/yortown/my shot are my favorite :P

  14. Haha amazingly, thats my list exactly! Nice taste =P

  15. this guy makes gr8 songs yet only has a few subs, please hit him with a sub or a like if you do, i truely think hes great!

  16. It's not bad

  17. minesy

    22 Aug 2017 Suspended

    this is what i like to listen to ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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