What are you listening to?

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    @Scrappy_Dont I have evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that Mineseyecraft is actually from the past and has time traveled to the future. He responds to year-old threads constantly and he has been rick rolling everyone this week. It is like he has just discovered the internet and we are witnessing a wonderful event unfold of someone experiencing the wonders of the internet for the first time, still learning the ropes.

    Good job kid.

    Or... maybe its none of that :'D

  3. I blame my father for this lol

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  5. le wild kat appears

  6. Lit get the new album on the 29th xd


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    perfect for long late-night building sessions

  9. @rnc2011 The entire musical hamilton. give it a shot.

    Yes omg, Hamilton is sooo good.

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    sad this section died , but its still the best section for music posting so it's not necroing/shitposting technically hehexd.

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  12. link text

  13. gegexd

  14. @TeamEyeDidYouKnw


    sounds like midi xd

  15. @SharpSerac sounds like midi xd

    this is coming from a mindless bucko endlessly fanboying for streetlight midifesto

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