What are you listening to?

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  2. 2 years ago

    Also this!!

  3. Omg, Griefers :P
    From the wise and all knowing Dj Khaled, "Another one"

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    Also, try to listen to all the videos on this conversation at once. It sounds like death ;-;

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    I'm just sitting here falling for this beat <3

    brb adding to favs

  6. @Nysic has some good music too wtf can u guys just make my playlist for me

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    link text

  8. " Come Alive " - FMLYBND
    #fifanoob :P

  9. https://soundcloud.com/grandtheft/heroes-grandtheft-remix1?

  10. Clearly not a fan of Pentatonix...

    ANYWAY, use some good headphones so you can hear all the parts, especially Avi's bass :P

  11. I may be obsessed with Zedd....

  12. link text

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  14. @rnc2011 The entire musical hamilton. give it a shot.

    I am not throwing away my shot

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    Flashing lights warning for the video below
    also pink is bae and this is me 100%
    this song speaks to me on an emotional level because I am an asshole

  16. @Blackened_Dawn My mom is really into 30secondstomars, below are her fan tats :D

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