1. last year

    Wasn't sure where I should post this..

    I want to humbly apologize to you all for trying to build a duplication macines.
    I did figure that if it didn't include any plugins, resourcepacks, etc. and worked as in normal vanilla glitch, it'd be fine to try untill it gets patched. I do realise that I should've asked, before trying to construct anything.
    (It really doesn't matter, but only blocks I were able to actually multiply by following those youtube videos' instructions, were rails and carpets, and it was only recent days that I actually did try such things. Just in case that someone wants to look in to that and patch them.)

    I do not ask to be forgiven as I do now understand I broke the rules, and I do not hold grudge over being banned.

    Still, it's a nice server, best one I've played so far. I had a blast untill I actually even learned that duplication exists.
    I hope you all will continue to thrive as a community in there. And keep up the hard work staff.

    peace. :)

    Ps, if this is unallowed topic/posting and gets deleted, I totally understand. I won't be trying to repost it.

  2. What a shame

  3. sad to see you go, dude. you seem really nice!

  4. xd

  5. This is so sad

  6. dident know you got banned, best of luck out there

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