Please read if you’ve been on CM for 2+ years

  1. 2 years ago

    Hi this post is for some of the older players on the server, does anyone remember a player that used the following usernames: Quartz_King, Combo_Crayon and Hindi. This may seem somewhat random but those were usernames used by my friend who passed away around two years ago now and I have quite fond memories of coming on this server with him sometimes and was just curious if any players from back then either knew or remember him,
    thank you.

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    I’ve also just had a look on my own forum account, please ignore any general [redacted] you see on there I was about 14-15

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    Best place for you to look at for <2016 history and whether someone talked with your friend on the forums would have been the CM serverkart since it is more representative of the 2016 era, but serverkart died and unfortunately wiped out a huge segment of craftymynes history.

    The name Quartz_King does sound a tad bit familiar, but I didn't know your friend though. Sorry to hear about your loss brotherman.

  4. Yes may I first say my condolences go to you. Second I too have been looking for crafty mynes history pre 2016. If anyone know of another way to look at cm history before please let me know. Also I vaguely recall that name it strikes a bell in my head but I can not put a pin on who they are specifically.

  5. I'm really sorry to hear that man, I talked to him a handful of times on teamspeak and on the the server back in 2016. He was a fun character to have on the server for sure.

  6. I'm sorry to hear that. Though I did not know him, I remember Quartz_King was somewhat active here on the forums around 2016.

  7. That really is tough man. I'm sorry he passed. I remember Quartz_King being active on the server. Beyond seeing him on and in chat, I didn't know anything about him.

  8. That's really sad to hear even though I don't know him. I hope everything is alright.

  9. I remember Quartz_King. Didn't really know him but I remember his base, which was appropriately full of quartz! Tis the one and only raid I was ever involved in at the end of some fun interactions with him. I think your name seems vaguely familiar too. Sorry to hear that is no longer with us.

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