Possible unban?

  1. 2 weeks ago

    Idk where to submit this but like i was wondering if im banned for EVER or for a set amount of time. I understand I was hacking but like, this servers honeslty cool as shit and yall have a sick ass community and i dont know if you admins have a way of monitoring me to make sure i dont hack again but if i was ever unbanned id honestly play normally thats more fun. Anyway I get how you all feel about breaking the rules and its cool if I dont get unbanned cause i respect all of you. Good luck to all of you

  2. Lmao wait nvm i just read some other kids ban appeal, i was using x-ray and yeah. Anyway it was a cool 2 days on the server and I hope yall have wonderful lives and have beautiful talented children. Peace

  3. Deleted last week by rnc2011
  4. Bingo, best of luck elsewhere.

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