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    Time Zone:

    PDT (GMT-7)

    Tell us a bit about yourself:

    I joined CraftyMynes at the start of the 1.16 update in Mid-June, 2020. Although I am a relatively new player, I quickly developed a strong investment in this server and its community. Upon first impression, I was immediately drawn by how supportive and inclusive the CraftyMynes community was in addition to its many in-game features (i.e. Spawn, teleport, server A.I.). Although there are a few hindrances that I dislike, map size and processing lag for instance, I find that these things are trivial in comparison to its community since the latter is irreplaceable. As an extension of my admiration for the server, I am hoping that I can offer something of myself to the CraftyMynes community. That said, I believe my one of my greatest strengths is my mentorship ability. I take pleasure in watching people develop their skills and character, and the same applies here on CraftyMynes. I find it endearing to see new players become established members of the community, and being able to expedite that process is always gratifying. On the other hand, one of my greatest weaknesses is my susceptibility to being overwhelmed, or flustered. Since I am orderly and have selective attention, I often have difficulties dealing with more than one task if they are abrupt and fickle in nature. However, I see this trait more as a double-edged sword rather than an entirely disadvantageous one considering that it forces me to stay organized. Although this is somewhat of an inherent quality of mine, I believe that there can be improvements through practice nonetheless.

    Why you are applying:

    I believe the foundation of every Minecraft server is its community. Having spent time in a multitude of different servers in previous months, I've come to realize that the rules of CraftyMynes are conducive to the overall friendliness and cohesion of the community. With that said, I would love to provide a hand in maintaining its integrity, as well as helping new players familiarize themselves with the rules and summary of the server. I find that in the hours between 4:00AM - 6:00AM EDT (GMT-4) the concentration of staff is low, which makes me apprehensive since I fear that new players will leave in confusion, and/or be encouraged to break server rules. I am hoping to fill that space in order to give new players an opportunity to be a part of a wonderful community regardless of what time of the day they join.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks):


    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it:

    I try too hard to seek approval/affirmation from others. Consequently, I find that I oftentimes compromise my own agenda in the interest of making someone else happy. Additionally, I sometimes find it difficult to be confrontational especially to those that I care about in fear of tarnishing their impression of me. I'm aware that this sort of mentality is detrimental in excess considering that I allow others to influence my decisions more than what is healthy. However, I believe a combination of maturity, quarantine, and philosophy studies has allowed me to self-reflect, and to become a much more critical thinker. Since I believe character is a product of habituation, I think my rationale and introspection can be improved through repetition. Prospectively speaking, I'd like to seek as many opportunities as I can to do that.

    Any additional information or notes:

    Upon first arrival to the server, I received a number of inquiries regarding my in-game name due to its suggestiveness/obscurity. Although I've told a few staff/community members about its origin, I can also understand why it might seem inappropriate without context. Thus, I am open to changing it if the approval of this application deemed it necessary.

    Super important and fun fact: I only wear my socks inside-out.

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