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    I think dogs are cooler, but cats are definitely smarter.

  2. Debatable, cats are jerks and plateau at a certain level of basic intelligence, dogs have numerous good qualities and have shown to be geniuses
    Dogs>cats nuff said
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  3. Cats are incredibly intelligent and are fully aware when humans treat them worse and have bad opinions of them through no provocation of their own accord. They are self-sufficient amd have no need for a caretaker. When you show a cat the same ammount of love that you show a dog, it opens an entirely mew level of love that isnt unlocked by measly crumbs or table scraps. A cats love isnt bought, only earned.
    Cats > dogs

  4. Look up Bunny the talking dog. She uses a board of buttons to communicate. She's recently started asking more existential questions that are honestly quite terrifying to hear a dog ask.

    Personally I have always loved dogs for their dramatic and wildly diverse personalities. I also think cats are very misunderstood and a lot of people don't know how to properly interact with cats.

    Also you have to earn a dog's trust too. That's not just for cats. I have a rescue border collie and it took several years for her to start behaving like a regular dog because of how badly she was mistreated before we got her. Every day we see her open up more and become more comfortable around us, trust us, love us. Food didn't win her over. Patience and trust building won her over. I think a lot of people think of a dog as that dumb fat middle class golden retriever that barely learned how to sit and stay and was bought as a puppy. Nearly every dog I have ever owned has been a rescue and they are definitely not dumb or trust you with just table scraps. Dogs can also pick up on your body language and tell when you are angry, sad, hurting, the same way a cat can.

    Cats and dogs are probably equal here. The real question is how dumb some birds are, cause there used to be a cardinal that thought it's reflection in our car windows was it's enemy and would attack the windows. It only did this to the car windows, nothing else.

  5. I think the real question is how dumb my lizard is, as he tried to eat a penny he found the other day.

  6. @Jards2 I think the real question is how dumb my lizard is, as he tried to eat a penny he found the other day.

    he's trying his best Jard damn

  7. Birds, but dogs are a close second

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    I got a cat that behaves like a dog. I guess that would be the best of both worlds hahaha
    I mean, whenever I visit my dad, the cat is always following me and always wants to play.
    He goes outside on a leash and sometimes will bring you back something you throw.
    I tend to like more dogs, but I really love this cat my dad got <3 .
    And what amazes me is that he knows what a laser pointer is :o, I mean we have to hide the damn laser or else he finds it and messes with it with his paws trying to make it work, then ends up throwing it on the ground, if it isn't already lol.
    His name is Michat

  9. I have 5 cats.

  10. Hooms you can't just saw that and not show them off! Also, you have the loveliest dog <3

  11. Michat best dog

  12. Swallows

  13. @Carl_Sagan1 Swallows

    You shouldn't swallow dogs wtf

  14. i don't know i like everything here look at my dog


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