Roman Courthouse

  1. 10 months ago



    Day one of construction on the Roman Courthouse. 50 stacks of quartz blocks used so far

  2. -image-

    This is where I'll end it for today because I'm out of quartz and it's late. 6 pillars down, 26 to go

  3. Day 3 update: I can't post any screenshots because it's been raining on the server for an hour and a half. I finished all the columns and counted the blocks I've used so far in this construction.

    Between the quartz pillars, slabs, blocks, stairs, and chiseled blocks, I've placed 214 stacks of blocks thus far. I'm probably about halfway done, but I'm out of quartz. Time to get more for another building session

  4. -image-
    The pillars are all done!

    Starting the roof

    Special thanks to Lonely_Flame for clearing the weather to make these pictures possible

  5. -image-
    Ceiling and roof done. Time to do the finishing touches on the walls and then build the supports

  6. -image-

    Side (Ground View)

    Opposite Side (Elevated View)


    Time to show my wife the courthouse I've built for her

  7. Very nice!

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