Villager Breeding?

  1. 6 months ago

    Can we breed villagers by making them willing with food? I remember years ago Mob Griefing was off, I think that meant they wouldn't pick up food so we had to trade with them to make them willing.

    I've been tossing bread to 2 villagers that have access to 3+ beds and they get the hearts, but the breed fails with the storm cloud looking graphics.

    What am I doing wrong?

  2. I guess I finally figured it out. The roof had to be 3 high instead of 2. maybe the babies need room to jump on the beds. I also hung a bell, but I don't think that was it.

  3. Deleted 6 months ago by kachiga___
  4. YouTube’s a cool place

  5. I guess this is a passive aggressive way of saying I should have checked Youtube. Youtube can't tell me if mob griefing is disabled on CraftyMynes. And of the ten videos about villager breeding I watched, none of them mentioned 3 blocks height is required for breeding. Quite the contrary actually, most of them used 2 high glass ceilings in villager breeders. Your welcome for the info I shared.

  6. Mob griefing is enabled, any methods that rely on mob griefing should work. "Should" being a very important word, mojang is a very small indie company after all.

  7. Yeah, it works. I was able to breed by bribing with food. I just didn’t realize the roof had to be At least 3 high for the breeding to succeed. Now I have too many villagers. They started breeding on their own.

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