____________king's ban appeal

  1. 7 weeks ago

    Good afternoon Mynes,

    I'm browsing servers for a new place for me and my friends to play some vanilla survival multiplayer. We're migrating from a server on which we would no longer like to play. This seems like an awesome new community we'd like to try out. We love playing together but we also enjoy the aspect of strangers/community to interact with.

    IDK what I did as a kid but when I tried to login today it said I was banned. I literally randomly picked this server out of a list of "vanilla 1.18 servers". This account of mine has been through like four name changes and about 10 years of playtime... I don't remember ever logging into your server before, but perhaps I caused trouble back in the day.

    For that I am very sorry. I don't know what I did but I'm sure it was justified. I haven't played Minecraft since I was a wee kid in middle school but this new update got me back on it with the friends... I'm 22 now, so maybe that can at least prove in some extent to you all that I am a changed person with more maturity and all that.

    username: ____________king
    Reason for Ban: unknown ?
    Reason for appeal: would like to try out ya server

  2. Your account was banned for flying 09/21/2015 under the name WestwoodAcolyte.

    I understand you may be older now but hacking/modding is a permanent ban, you cannot play on this server with your account.

    Thank you

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