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  1. 3 days ago
    Thu Oct 19 01:42:14 2017
    blazehunter2005 posted in Updated Concrete/Glazed Terracotta Shop.

    @Cankicker8 this thing still exists?


  2. 5 weeks ago
    Wed Sep 13 20:34:00 2017
    blazehunter2005 posted in Quinnzillian and I's City/Renaissance.

    @Squiddddd haha no way

    yes way =D

  3. Wed Sep 13 20:29:45 2017
    blazehunter2005 posted in Quinnzillian and I's City/Renaissance.

    NICE!! Good Job Squid!

    Man, you are really a MASTER Builder! , @CraftyMyner should have you as the builder of Spawn Builds xD

  4. Mon Sep 11 19:22:21 2017

    @HaloNest aight then :P

    20 stacks of lime concrete and 10 stacks of lime concrete dust please!


    ok, we'll start on it

  5. Sun Sep 10 18:00:22 2017

    @Squiddddd im back

    i can take some orders too (i can help squid now) , but not 100% bc these days i'm busy with school, but, i'll do my best to help

  6. 2 months ago
    Fri Aug 18 19:09:26 2017

    @3ddy 'bumping' the thread is sending a message so that the thread appears at the top


  7. Fri Aug 18 19:07:28 2017

    @Squiddddd Bump


  8. Sat Jul 22 23:39:36 2017

    @2Chill this done yet or is one of your basemates still stealing the order ?

    just realized its been over a month kek XD

    LOL 2Chill, why don't you ask your Staff members?

  9. 3 months ago
    Thu Jul 20 00:23:08 2017

    guys, Cankicker and Squid will do the orders, i need to get my stuff back, so i can get back on my feet, so please, leave the orders to Squid and Cankicker8

  10. Mon Jun 26 00:47:52 2017

    @KingChrissyxd What are your price conversions for emeralds? (if I want to pay with emeralds instead of diamonds)

    depends on your Order

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