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    Fri Aug 18 19:09:26 2017

    @3ddy 'bumping' the thread is sending a message so that the thread appears at the top


  2. Fri Aug 18 19:07:28 2017

    @Squiddddd Bump


  3. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Jul 22 23:39:36 2017

    @2Chill this done yet or is one of your basemates still stealing the order ?

    just realized its been over a month kek XD

    LOL 2Chill, why don't you ask your Staff members?

  4. Thu Jul 20 00:23:08 2017

    guys, Cankicker and Squid will do the orders, i need to get my stuff back, so i can get back on my feet, so please, leave the orders to Squid and Cankicker8

  5. 7 weeks ago
    Mon Jun 26 00:47:52 2017

    @KingChrissyxd What are your price conversions for emeralds? (if I want to pay with emeralds instead of diamonds)

    depends on your Order

  6. 8 weeks ago
    Fri Jun 23 00:34:35 2017

    @KingChrissyxd Still selling? I want to buy some terracotta if I get unbanned lol

    yes we are still Open! ok, when your Unbanned, please make your Order

  7. 2 months ago
    Tue Jun 20 00:28:05 2017

    @2Chill oh i see ok my friend no problem, just let me know :D


  8. Mon Jun 19 00:50:08 2017
    blazehunter2005 posted in Forgotten Dye co..

    @TheForgotten20 Order: 64 Red dye
    Serviceman/woman: TheForgotten20
    Buyer: blazehunter2005
    recipient: N/A
    Price: 50 diamonds
    discount(Buisness partners) : 30 diamonds
    total price: 20 diamonds
    State: unprepared

    If you know anyone that can collect for you please inform me, it will make it easier for me and quicker for you.

    thank you for buying at Forgotten Dye co.

    preparation time for this order : wayyyy too long

    @sparklez_and_pop youd better work blaze like a dog. (get ur whip out)

    @TheForgotten20 , its 10 stacks of 64 Black dye, not red xD

  9. Sat Jun 17 08:18:32 2017

    @2Chill nice my friend !

    @2Chill , your Order will be done Next week (i Hope), bc we got robbed by some1, and they stole your black glazed terracotta, i hope you understand

  10. Sat Jun 17 08:17:14 2017
    blazehunter2005 posted in Forgotten Dye co..

    i need 10 stacks of Black Dye

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