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    Wed Feb 7 01:53:13 2018
    Cutebot posted in Word Association.

    raw - beef

  2. Sun Feb 4 12:50:20 2018

    Could i get 1 god sword, God pick, shovel, and axe, (all fortune) and a god bow (infinity). So, 19db?

  3. Sun Feb 4 12:45:28 2018
    Cutebot posted in Contest for my base.

    Brilliant :)

  4. last year
    Wed Apr 26 15:47:50 2017
    Cutebot posted in Story 2.0.

    That made him like extreme..

  5. Fri Apr 21 23:11:26 2017
    Cutebot posted in Story 2.0.

    he ate someones...

  6. Fri Apr 21 20:07:57 2017
    Cutebot posted in Story 2.0.


  7. Fri Apr 21 17:17:43 2017

    @ghostassasin81 To be fair we can't hear your opinion only read it

    On the other hand guys seriously most people who are still in school and come here to relax don't want drama from the best server ( in my opinion)

    Hmmm whatever

  8. Fri Apr 21 17:14:45 2017
    Cutebot posted in Story 2.0.

    To make a great powerful

  9. Thu Apr 20 16:35:07 2017

    Ok this is getting ABSOLUTLEY out of hand. You are all going to have to hear my opinion on this matter. I can't use quotes becuz my phone hates me, but I'll edit this when I get home to add specific quotes.

    Even in this thread, @Blackened_Dawn has not admitted to anything she said about the crafty crates or whatever. Therefore reinforcing cepheids subject of staff being selfish and arrogant at times. I do not mean to direct this only at dawn, please take note of this.

    Secrets. Ahh I've wanted to talk about this for quite a while. There are many times, even in this thread, where staff are just saying things like ", well, your gonna have to trust me," such as how dawn said that SHE makes the craftycrates and @CraftyMyner reviews them. I'm in total agreement with @cepheid about this matter.

    Everything else in this thread I have no other opinion on, I agree with cepheid.

  10. Wed Apr 19 15:44:33 2017
    Cutebot posted in Story 2.0.

    He can eat potatoes with

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