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    fullmetal alchemist

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    edward elric

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    Mon Jun 10 00:25:23 2019
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    @Tez1010 To be fair mojang are clearly moving over to multithread use, allowing your processor to share the load, going by the last error we had and also the messages you get when starting up a server. Handshakes between processors are actually very tricky and it is no great surprise that changing over is throwing up some server crashes and other problems. Hopefully much of this will be sorted when 1.14.3 comes out.

    I understand that, I work with threading in C++ all the time. What I'm trying to convey is that this should have been a top priority from the very beginning because shifting a massive codebase from a single threaded serial approach to multithreading is much more difficult then just designing it to be multithreaded in the first place.

    Games like Seed of Andromeda are designed with multithreading in mind, so it gets to enjoy insane water physics and gravel cascading that would be a technical marvel to see in Minecraft. I would put it past Mojang to prioritize performance over adding random things to the game.

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    Sun Jun 9 12:06:57 2019
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    @Jkeller4000 Adding on to what Crafty said, Mojang has historically neglected the benefits of focusing on performance and (ideally, but not likely) shifting over to a multi threaded approach to the game logic. There's no way you can tweak the variables of the vanilla server to get the max performance possible without radically changing the server jar's programming (with something like nSpigot), unless you want to severely diminish the server experience.

    We live in an era where we have 8 or even 16 cores in consumer grade CPUs, and for every vanilla and normal Spigot server, every single core in their CPU is twiddling their thumbs around except for one, which is busy handling chunk loading, entity processing, command blocks, chunk and world serialization, and literally every other aspect about game logic aside from chat (???). This is just old lazy code carried over from the Notch days, and Mojang, despite developing one of the biggest games of all time and having the resources to do so, still hasn't done jack to better the performance of their game.

    The only practical solutions here are to wait for Mojang to get their shit together and fix the many issues they've introduced with 1.14, or replace the server software with something that actually focuses on high performance like Spigot.

  6. Mon Jun 3 20:09:09 2019
    deyahruhd posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    @CraftyMyner All that being said, I am tired of the shit that mojang pulls, it is impossible to run a server where every second word out of someone's mouth is LAAAAGGG. It pains me to see all these players come on for 5 minutes and say "This server is shit, they should buy some more ram.", for god sakes, I pay $100's a month on the best server components that money can buy, and even more money on the services that make CraftyMynes special. Every waking hour I am tuning each and every component/system to run as smooth as possible.


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    Tue May 14 21:44:43 2019
    deyahruhd posted in 1.14.1 Entity Bug!!!.

    We NEED peaceful mode. Desperate times, desperate measures. We can help each other during this crisis by trading mob drops with each other and help protest at spawn against Mojang's continued incompetence in game design and bug fixing.

  8. Fri May 10 20:36:30 2019
    deyahruhd posted in Ban boats until the 1.14.1 update.

    @FieryPhoenix64 Where did you address that?


    Minecarts are a viable alternative, and arguably better since you can direct exactly where a minecart will go, while with boats you have to enter it and waddle around until you get your villager into the right spot. Minecarts also have the benefit that they don't have an intrinsic ability to load a lot of ocean chunks, because to do so you need to dig out an underground railway.

    Also let's not even consider the hilarious observation that transporting villagers with boats will still cause the server to crash anyways (with risk of them being deleted), meaning that there's no point doing it until the 1.14.1 update comes out. Might as well ban boats.

  9. Fri May 10 20:30:53 2019
    deyahruhd posted in Ban boats until the 1.14.1 update.

    @FieryPhoenix64 Also /killing boats would take away the ability to transport mobs (like villagers) easily. Make that -2.

    Already addressed. That can hold off until 1.14.1, losing villagers and items is irrecoverable.

    Think about what you're insinuating - you're seriously arguing that having access to something that will still be there in the 1.14.1 update is more important than actually losing progress due to a glitchy, hasty update.

  10. Fri May 10 20:28:58 2019
    deyahruhd posted in Ban boats until the 1.14.1 update.

    @FieryPhoenix64 So you want to force new players to swim across vast oceans for possibly hours at a time just to stop their bases being blown up? -1 from me.

    The Nether exists for a reason, dude.

    And besides, that is insignificant compared to actually losing progress, items, villagers, and in general facing constant issues from crashing. I'd much rather swim an ocean than lose yet another damn Mending villager, and newer players would quit if they lost progress rather than have to spend a bit more time travelling.

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