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    Mon Jan 21 23:05:59 2019
    deyahruhd posted in 37600% Efficient Cactus Farm.


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    Fri Jan 18 02:59:20 2019
    deyahruhd posted in M-TEC facility tour.

    @Mike_Nelsen Deyahyruhd I've never heard of whatever that was but it's awesome for inspiration, I'm going to look into that

    defrag racing is basically quake 3 speedrunning but for cool people B)

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    Wed Jan 16 02:09:00 2019
    deyahruhd posted in M-TEC facility tour.

    reminds me of a certain q3 defrag world cup map

  4. Sun Jan 13 20:59:26 2019
    deyahruhd posted in Apology to CraftyMynes .

    Pancakes are best with bananas

  5. Fri Jan 11 17:47:24 2019
    deyahruhd posted in Long time.

    server is dedded

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Sat Dec 29 19:23:10 2018

    I normally get around this by putting the front part of my hat layer on the head so that no matter what it shows. Just an FYI, it happens in game too when people aren't within your render distance.

    Luckily for us though CraftyMyner used Minotar to retrieve someone's face on the forums, and they provide an endpoint to get the player's avatar with the helm:<user>/100.png
    For example:

    Also, it would probably be best to move this thread to the Suggestions & Ideas channel.

  7. Sat Dec 29 00:38:24 2018
    deyahruhd posted in Jurania: Apply Here!.

    let this man @HaloNest in, i vouch for him

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    Tue Nov 27 22:20:14 2018
    deyahruhd started the conversation Petition to rename Phoenix Rising to Rising Phoenix.

    To all players in Phoenix Rising:

    Phoenix Rising is a garbage name compared to Rising Phoenix. We at Team Eye have contracted an independent PR agency and they have concluded that the number of Phoenix Rising applications sent per month will rise by 9,286% (with a 5% error) if they simply renamed their faction to Rising Phoenix.

    Thank you for your attention and please keep our suggestion in mind.

  9. Fri Nov 23 08:20:30 2018

    can i trade my 18 ben shapiro heads for 64 dirt blocks?

  10. 2 months ago
    Tue Nov 20 03:19:12 2018
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