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    Thu Jan 18 23:38:43 2018

    Perhaps you could add a scoreboard tag for when players log in within certain radius (defined in of world spawn, then make sure someone has that tag before applying the new player stuff to them. This would work unless someone happened to log out at that specific spot and then change their name.

  2. 5 days ago
    Thu Jan 18 00:51:04 2018

    @CraftyMyner You should try to fix this! :)

    Here's a way you could do it:
    You could add a filter to the server panel to detect messages (regex form): \w+ [(]formerly known as \w+[)] joined the game. I'm not sure yet how to use regex capturing groups, but you probably know how to do that. Then you can code it to run an automated command that will disable the server tagging the specified player as new via /scoreboard or something.

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Jan 8 05:19:29 2018
    Stone__Warrior posted in World Painter.

    The current world format doesn't allow for that many blocks - that's why not too many blocks are being introduced. However, by 1.14, they're rewriting the blockstates code along with some other save format stuff to make it compatible with all the new blocks. There's a post somewhere on Reddit about it.

  4. Sun Jan 7 22:08:57 2018
    Stone__Warrior posted in World Painter.

    World save format is changing in 1.13 update I believe, or it may be 1.14.

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    Sat Dec 23 18:19:21 2017
    Stone__Warrior posted in The Lottery is Open!!!.

    You should set up a forum bot account that auto posts the results when they're declared

  6. Sat Dec 23 18:18:02 2017
    Stone__Warrior posted in Server down?.

    Who was it that ran /kill @a?

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    Stone__Warrior posted in Word Association .

    This thread should be stickied

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    Mon Dec 18 22:39:38 2017
    Stone__Warrior started the conversation Nether Roof.

    Hi, I was wondering why Crafty and staff decided to allow the nether roof. A lot of chunk loading lag can be caused by it, so that's why I was wondering.

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    Stone__Warrior posted in Word Association .


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