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  1. 2 months ago
    Mon Mar 4 14:19:25 2019
    JC685 posted in Hoping to buy spawn eggs..

    Is there really no one with a sheep egg?

  2. Thu Feb 28 18:02:55 2019
    JC685 posted in Hoping to buy spawn eggs..

    Alright. In that case, I’d like either a rabbit, sheep, or squid spawn egg.

  3. Thu Feb 28 00:14:06 2019
    JC685 posted in Hoping to buy spawn eggs..

    Hoping to buy spawn eggs. I’m not sure which eggs are legal, but I’m hoping to buy, if they’re allowed, either a rabbit or sheep spawn egg. Also wondering: can spawners still be altered?

  4. Wed Feb 27 23:54:32 2019

    2 stacks of nether quartz ore plz. Will you be online in around 2-3 hours?

  5. Tue Feb 26 03:05:28 2019
    JC685 started the conversation To CraftyMyner, the Admins, and Staff....

    I've seen a lot of forum posts about where the Staff/Admins/Owner can improve, or where they're messing up. No one is perfect, and everyone messes up, but I think you guys have done a hell of a good job.

    Thank you, for creating such a great playable environment and keeping it running in the background. Your work is seriously underappreciated, so once again, thank you.

  6. 3 months ago
    Wed Feb 13 19:53:34 2019
    JC685 posted in M-TEC facility tour.

    How on earth this thing hasn’t been griefed, idk... maybe there are decent players who would just take what they need and leave... distance can hide most anything, but at that size, it ain’t a guarantee...

  7. Tue Feb 12 14:32:19 2019
    JC685 started the conversation Lost my stuff :(.

    Idk if anyone picked it up. It’s been at least 2 weeks. I was at an acacia village next to a player made stone brick highway. Ik it was somewhere within teleport range. The village was large and had an iron golem. Like the moron I am, I tried to kill the iron golem. It rekt my face. I didn’t have anything too valuable, but there were two items I would like back. I had a turtle shell enchanted with Aqua Affinity and respiration 3, as well as a diamond pic with silk touch, efficiency 4 I think, and unbreaking 3. I’m also willing to throw in some diamonds to get those back. If u aren’t willing to part with my stuff, please at least pm me. I’d like to know that it went to good use.

  8. Sat Feb 9 19:20:40 2019
    JC685 joined the forum.