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    Thu Aug 29 20:05:50 2019
    JSlone posted in A Fine Gift.

    Happy belated birthday don! I hope it was a good one for you!

  2. Thu Aug 29 03:02:46 2019
    JSlone posted in one last farewell.

    i would but clearly no one wants me to come back now that they think im a hacker/cheater... it just wouldn't be the same

  3. Wed Aug 28 22:50:45 2019
    JSlone started the conversation one last farewell.

    Just wanted to say Goodbye again! i really loved this server and everyone in it. A few people that have been pretty aweful, but compared to the other server i play on its 10000% better i've explored many other servers and every single one's build/ interfece/ sytstem however you want to describe it is so different or not well put together. CraftyMynes really was one of the best places i've played on. It really sucks what had to happen. Regardless if you believe me or not, It actually was an accident. Ill be posting all my footage i've recorded of all my good times at Craftymynes, as well as all the automine footage i've recorded on the REDACTED (MODS ALLOWED) Faction server i've been playing on the last few days. I'd never intentionally cheat on this server because i loved it so much. Ill miss all the mods, admins, and crafty! the community was one of the funnest i've played. Andi'll always deeply regret making such a heinous mistake! If for any reason anyone still wants to play Minecraft with me in particular im still on the REDACTED faction server. been building up quite a nice base the last few days. I'll miss you all! Farewell...

  4. Wed Aug 28 16:31:29 2019
    JSlone posted in Oh no.....

    i like to record myself automining on servers when im afk. i didn't realize i opened Crafty instead of my faction server.

  5. Wed Aug 28 15:31:50 2019
    JSlone started the conversation Oh no.....

    i just logged on and saw that i was banned... I was in a rush and meant to open my faction server. i just hit go and left. i cannot believe i made such a stupid mistake. i wont bother appealing, i know cheating of any kind is completely unforgivable. i feel so bad for being so careless... i hope you guys can forgive me. i really will miss all of you... i really loved this server. I'm sorry again.

    - will always remember CraftyMynes, JSlone

  6. Wed Aug 28 07:12:48 2019
    JSlone started the conversation Paparazzi returns.....

    Tez herself helped me TP my doggo home!

  7. Wed Aug 28 07:04:10 2019
    JSlone started the conversation Hello Again.....

    I was wondering if it would be possible to include the bedrock portal in the end in the adventure mode area. running from the fancy end city stairs to that portal to get to my bed spawn makes my heart sink as i have people running after me with beds and bows and rage, and i just wanna farm carrots. XP Seeing as this is another thing presumably only Crafty himself can accomplish, i suppose this is another question i bestow apon you almighty one. if for some reason it isn't included in adventure mode (most likely spawning and fighting the ender dragon) ill understand. just a thought. Good day and thanks for you time.

  8. Fri Aug 23 05:49:35 2019
    JSlone posted in The BEST Server.....

    haha you guys are nuts. But i do really like this server XP

  9. Mon Aug 19 07:29:43 2019
    JSlone posted in Yo Crafty!.

    I just want to thank you again Crafty for going so far into this post as to add a new command on the server. I really appreciate it and i really hope the chances of finding these creepers aren't too low. Need that head.... XP You're the best!

  10. Mon Aug 19 07:22:45 2019
    JSlone started the conversation The BEST Server.....

    It's times like this i know i picked the right server ... sniff.... brings a tear to my eye ;_;
    This is my Papporazo shot of Crafty on the server attempting to fix the weather related issues i asked him to check out. So awesome!
    And here is the Sign Tez put up for my bird Mr.Flaps a lot... may he rest in peace. he apparently hitched a ride on my shoulder to trade and got lost there and someone killed him... *cough* Davester *Cough* but with this he will always be remembered... Best. Server. EVZ. :3

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