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  1. 7 hours ago
    Fri Aug 23 05:49:35 2019
    JSlone posted in The BEST Server.....

    haha you guys are nuts. But i do really like this server XP

  2. 4 days ago
    Mon Aug 19 07:29:43 2019
    JSlone posted in Yo Crafty!.

    I just want to thank you again Crafty for going so far into this post as to add a new command on the server. I really appreciate it and i really hope the chances of finding these creepers aren't too low. Need that head.... XP You're the best!

  3. Mon Aug 19 07:22:45 2019
    JSlone started the conversation The BEST Server.....

    It's times like this i know i picked the right server ... sniff.... brings a tear to my eye ;_;
    This is my Papporazo shot of Crafty on the server attempting to fix the weather related issues i asked him to check out. So awesome!
    And here is the Sign Tez put up for my bird Mr.Flaps a lot... may he rest in peace. he apparently hitched a ride on my shoulder to trade and got lost there and someone killed him... *cough* Davester *Cough* but with this he will always be remembered... Best. Server. EVZ. :3

  4. 6 days ago
    Fri Aug 16 20:11:19 2019
    JSlone posted in Yo Crafty!.

    that'd be so awesome crafty ;_;

  5. last week
    Thu Aug 15 22:01:07 2019
    JSlone posted in Yo Crafty!.

    What exactly is the cheat or exploit in rain? oh and is that a no on the scroll? ;P

  6. Wed Aug 14 22:30:29 2019
    JSlone posted in Allowed Mods.

    What is the batty's cords plus do?

  7. Wed Aug 14 22:26:54 2019
    JSlone started the conversation Yo Crafty!.

    Since the weather system isn't enabled, can i get a creeper head? or maybe just the pattern scroll of a creeper head? since they are impossible to get without weather. Just a thought/question. no big deal if they aren't allowed for some reason, just thought i'd ask because i got some cool banner ideas but can't make them without it! Thanks for your time regardless of conclusion! -JSlone

  8. Wed Aug 14 22:21:01 2019
    JSlone posted in The King's Bishop himself....

    Iwarriori this isn't my base, BUT plz no im just an innoncent mine cwafter! pwease! XD and idk what to tell you istasi, he was so shocked by the beauty of the farm he dropped his fish. :P

  9. Wed Aug 14 01:35:26 2019
    JSlone started the conversation The King's Bishop himself....

    Just a random encounter.

    -A wild Gibby appears!


  10. Sun Aug 11 04:45:20 2019
    JSlone started the conversation JSlone's Staff Application.

    Name: JSlone

    Age: 26

    TZ: EST

    Strengths: Easy to compromise, Can maintain composure in a stressful (trolling) environment. Plenty of knowledge in the field of MineCraft necessary for helping.

    Weaknesses: Can be over indulgent when it comes to harassment and might say things that I don't mean.

    Why applying: I wan't to be a bigger part of the server. I already enjoy helping people as a normal player.

    Ticks: 17055338

    Note: I Have officially studied the rules of the server, learned about many different things on minecraft, i already help people as much as i can on the server already. I'm on usually from midmorning/noon to around 4-6A.M. so i can be there for people noon to morning. I haven't seen to many helpers on lately so i'd really enjoy a chance to prove myself as a helper! I really enjoy this server, I've made a bunch of friends and done a lot on it already. I hope you'll take my APP into consideration so i can continue to be on this server and play a bigger role in helping! Thanks for your time! JSlone

    P.S. Nysic said due to my conduct on the server i had been denied, im not sure what that means, i try to be the best i can be on the server, if there is anything im needing to change, let me know and i will surely do so. but i know i haven't done anything worse than Roylne1 or Doncake. i look up to them. Let me know!

    I also talked to Iwarriiori and we discussed that i was just messing around and i apologized. so there were no hard feelings. that was a one time thing i never been raided before, and i've been raided a couple times since then and there haven't been any issues, so i'd apprecaite it if we could move past that and just consider it a fluke of a noobie. I just want to help this server out in an official aspect.

    i can't figure out how to post a reply so i just keep editing this, sorry about that. Just wanted to say thanks nysic that clears things up considerable. I do apologize for my actions and i definitely don't want something i said to reflect poorly on this server, so i understand. ill try again later and be sure to behave as best i can in the mean time! thanks for your time! :)

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