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    Mon Jun 22 22:56:19 2020
    Nerolito posted in The Selfie Thread!!.


    There! The other half even with a smile!

  2. Mon Jun 22 22:53:00 2020
    Nerolito posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    Indeed! Need to find the other half!

  3. Mon Jun 22 22:42:21 2020
    Nerolito posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    Well im having trouble uploading a pic like Mittson :/ -image-

    Wanted to share a part of my friendly face that sadly suffers from a cronical bi**h face
    link text

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    Thu Jun 18 19:10:19 2020
    Nerolito posted in There's Something In The Air....

    Great! Thanks for all the good work on the top! Cant wait for this and it is only days away! :D :D

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    Tue Apr 14 17:22:03 2020
    Nerolito started the conversation Sareeeew's Staff Application.

    In Game Name: Sareeeew

    Age: 25
    Time Zone: GMT+2, Sweden

    Tell us a bit about yourself:

    • I have played here since last (2019) spring I think or maybe summer.
    • I like that the server have a good structure and there is a lot of nice people playing there. I also like that the staff tries to improve and make the server better in different ways.
    • The thing I dislike with the server is that it lags when there are many players online. It is too bad because it is nice to play when many players are online at the same time. But on the other hand it isn't such a big problem for me when it lags because I have lots of patience.
    • My strengths are that I am commited also keeps my word and I am a nice person that loves to make other people smile. I am also a very social person that likes to help others everywhere I go. Besides that can I say that I am a perfectionist if I could count that as a strenght.
    • One of my weaknesses is that I am too nice. It has been a good thing but also a bad thing in my life because people tend to use it to their benefit. It was a big problem when I was younger. Today, now when I am 25, I have learned to protect myself from "bad" people. Anther weakness is that I lose track of time often and are late often as well.

    Why you are applying:

    I like to help others and make people happy. Therefor I believe that this could be a good position for me at the server. I would also like to be a bigger part of the server and grow with it. I have played for a long time here and it would be fun to climb up a bit in the
    hierarchy. I play every day and could contribute the server more if I become a helper and I have OCD so it is very handy int the game because I like structure and order.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): 40.1 million

    If you could pick one thing about yourself to change what would it be, why would you change it and how would you change it:

    It would probably be the sence of time thing. It would lower my stress levels a lot!

    Any additional information or notes: I hope you will choose me one day to become a Helper because i've been thinking of it a lot and it would make me happy!

    Have a nice day! /Sareeeew

  6. Tue Apr 7 12:20:21 2020
    Nerolito posted in Thank you crewman!.

    Thank you to all of you for making the server better!

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