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  1. 5 days ago
    Sat Jul 13 18:53:08 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in .restart command.

    in the server properties config. there is a max-tick-time.

    just set it to something lower so the server dies if the ticks per second get too slow.

    warning. i have no clue if this would cause incessant roll backs

    maybe just limit player count to 16 from now on. and if there are 16 players on. kick a default player. so that there is space for vips and above

    just to give vips an advantage!

  2. Sat Jul 13 14:43:30 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Base Pics !!.


    my clock! did you know there are 25 hours in minecraft?

  3. Sat Jul 13 09:07:30 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Redo My Base? XD.

    give your base to some new players and start a completely new base

  4. last week
    Fri Jul 5 17:57:24 2019
    Jkeller4000 started the conversation "no trolling" Can some one define it?.

    I am wondering If calling players greifers in chat is considered trolling?

    someone brought it up yesterday. that what i do in chat to get players angry, might be considered trolling. and trolling in chat is said to be against the rules?

    is it ok to continue; as long as I stop as soon as I feel i have taken it too far or if any helper or moderator asks me to stop?

    or should i stop trying to make people angry in chat?

    can i make players angry in private chat?

    i am still just super upset that i got greifed and probably should take a break. but I am just wondering if i can continue greifing chat or what the definition of trolling is in the practice proper chat etiquette

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Tue Jul 2 10:22:17 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in 1.14.3 thoughts?.

    Each raid round spawns one pillager. if you kil lthat pillager out side the raid and stay out side the raid then you get bad omen. if you build a mine cart track. to have it remove the pilalger from the raid area automitically. or if you have a base mate some how trick the pillager to leave the raid area. or if you build a wall to keep the pillager from entering the raid area.

    after the 6 or so rounds of a raid you could get bad omen 6.

    this way you have less time to wait to get bad omen. however. it would require a lot of re landscaping a village.

    and if you do it right a keep a raid always going in a village you could never have to worry about getting pillagers from a tower.

  6. Mon Jul 1 10:15:17 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Items not floating up.

    Are you able to press f3 +g to show chunk boundaries?

    if the items are on a boundary that might mess it up somehow.

    also i know in the past glass and water did not mix well. water next to glass caused mobs to be pulled down. so maybe the items next to the glass are pulled down and the water pulls them up so they are stuck.

    so try changing the walls in a small section to something not transparent.

  7. 3 weeks ago
    Tue Jun 25 17:58:57 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in 1.14.3 thoughts?.

    OH no you spoke too soon!

    22 players and super lag!

    though i do suspect someone was asking for bows to make an egg farm, and the only reason to have bows if for dispensers and an auto egg breaking machine, so i blame them, but i have no clue if they actually made their farm. and i forget whop they were.

    Yeah the villagers who have no work station near by who cannot let me trade with them makes me sad :(

    but yeah usually the lag is much much better!

  8. Mon Jun 24 09:21:00 2019

    without the chests at spawn what are we to do with all the iron armor we buy when trying to n lock armorer trades.

    what are we to do with all the stone tools we buy when trying to un lock all the tool smith trades.

    It seems such a waste to jsut toss them into lava.

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Jun 18 11:00:38 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Greifing is so sad! .

    Here i am in my own little corner; just trying to have a little fun, using what i learned from my therapist.

    and i find out there is a huge scandal, with haxxors (it looks so cool spelled this way) :)

    @Nysic I appreciate that you continue to work hard to keep this a fair place to play!

  10. Sun Jun 16 02:04:58 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Joke: Hate button! .

    It's an off topic, not a suggestion :)

    I have not seen you online recently iwarriiori, have you been doing well?

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