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    Fri Apr 20 21:39:29 2018

    What i found fun to do. is start small bases each day!

    use the rtp and start a new small base :) then spawn a wither to protect the base from greifers!

    It is interesting. the smae things that keep life interesting keep crafty mynes interesting!

    going for a walk to explore the woods.

    helping some new player start. not nowing when the new player will tp an alt in to kill you :)

    building art!

    I do wonder when the player base of crafty mynes gets older if the play styleswill change.

    most younger people do what they are told. they need a boss to tell them what to produce. they need a teacher to tell them what to work on and what to do for homework. only once a person gets to be 65 to 80 do they need to learn how to keep themselves content! this is sad for me. because there is shown staticts that when peopel retiree from their jobsthey die shortly :( just liek in crafty mynes. once players get what they were seekign they stop playing. they do not know how to keep themselves occupied! i wonder if psychologists will learn in minecraft how to help retired people learn self direction!

    tl:dr; create art! there can never be too much art!

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    Fri Apr 13 09:29:46 2018
    JKELLER4000 posted in The Unspoken Rules of CraftyMynes.

    Most of those rules i have heard spoken in public chat!

    one rule that i have never heard of in chat is what goes up must come down.

    no one eve talks about gravity in crafty mynes!

    I have not done much testing of it but i assume gravity is a constant based on the number of players on the server. people always fall at one meter per second when player count is below ten. and always fall at 0.5 meters per second when player count is above 80!

  3. Sun Apr 8 14:30:21 2018
    JKELLER4000 posted in Server Stagnation.

    I think we need to switch away from a commodity currency to a fiat currency!

    people only trade in diamonds because they can use the diamonds themselves

    where as if we switched to emeralds. players an only use emeralds if they trade with other players or computers!

    so if we switched to using emeralds for all trades it would encourage player participation!

    a switch from a commodity currency to a fiat currency would cause the server to appear more active!

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Apr 6 08:24:50 2018

    Your super quick!

    It takes me years to change anything, I always forget passwords and such.

  5. Thu Apr 5 22:27:15 2018
    JKELLER4000 started the conversation Editing the voting servers description!.

    so another new player logged in today, asking about the "recent restart"

    On the first two minecraft server lists voting websites. it talks about the servers recent restart. I do not know about the other two sites.

    I am hoping crafty has the time to remove that from the description? as i feel it implies that the server recently restarted and that players are expecting a new map. or that the server will recently restart a lot.

    and because the policy seems to be no restarts. the description seems a bit of for me.

  6. 2 months ago
    Fri Feb 16 11:46:21 2018

    It takes experience to name books. I might be the only one with experience :)

    I was hoping that if i put a high price someone would offer a lower price. But i had to give a reason for my high price!

  7. Thu Feb 15 12:17:57 2018

    I can sell you some mending books. for 15 diamonds each!

    It is a little steep price but my mending books can be named anything you want!

    They also have the cool enchanted effect!

    I sell premium mending books at premium prices !

  8. Sun Feb 11 14:26:55 2018

    Oh, my i cannot log in "the Authentication servers currently down for maintenance"

    what should i do how dio i fix this please hlpe me. i must play or my life will be ruined! :)

    just kidding. i am super bored. anyone watch the cat video?

    Cat maliciously devouring dog. just kidding /r/aww_gifs

  9. Fri Feb 2 13:47:00 2018
    JKELLER4000 posted in I was wondering .

    It is not polite to make fun of someone because they pronounce things differently.

    If you want to be a bully please go some place else.

  10. Sun Jan 28 13:56:00 2018
    JKELLER4000 posted in My new PC build.

    New computers are always exciting.

    DDR4 excellent.

    If the build is complete, how many FPS are you able to get with minecraft?

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