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  1. last week
    Sat Apr 6 22:54:06 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Voting for Alt accounts.

    I would prefer iron blocks, but iron ingots works :)

  2. Sat Apr 6 11:54:27 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Voting for Alt accounts.

    humfrydog, if you are on line when i am on line i can sell you 200 credits for 200 iron, just send me an in game message.

  3. 2 weeks ago
    Thu Apr 4 11:53:15 2019

    I do think having a second "default" rank would be nice though.

    how mods watch players some times, maybe a second default rank that a person gets after the first visit by a mod, that has seen their mining tunnels and is sorta certain that the new player is not a hacker.

    because sometimes i sell god tools to players who i have never seen before and i am not sure how they got so many diamonds so fast. It would make me feel more comfortable trading; if i had an inkling that the mods verified the new players diamonds to be at least semi legit.

    instead of just guessing if the new players diamonds are legit and then if i get too concerned i just stop trading with that player.

    but i guess this would give away quickly who the mods have visited and maybe that is meant to be a secret :)

  4. Sun Mar 31 12:07:43 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Pacific Valley showcase.

    Gosh darn it, i log in and go to PV to repair my picks and the town is greifed :(

  5. Sat Mar 30 23:16:10 2019

    After some figuring i got it all working :)

    i transfered credits to an alt and bought some vip+

    now i am able to use my homes and play again! without all those annoying caps in my name!

  6. Sat Mar 30 20:07:47 2019
    Jkeller4000 started the conversation Will lower casing my name mess up my homes?.

    I was thinking i should try to lowercase my name, but i am afraid if i change it it might cause my homes to get messed up.

    and that would be very sad for me. as i know homes are tied to names.

    so i am wondering can i change my name to lower case and still be ok?

  7. 4 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 21 11:32:17 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Community VIP Gifting System Idea.

    CraftyMyner , Are you able to change the donating for a friend option to allow me to donate for several players at once?

  8. Wed Mar 20 10:16:25 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Voting for Alt accounts.

    "Perhaps a ingame option to purchase credits using diamond, emerald or gold."

    in the trade post players can buy and sell credits.

    you might be able to buy some default player vip for credits if the default player was willing to sell.

    or buy credits off a vip for diamonds!

  9. 11 months ago
    Sun Apr 29 21:41:57 2018
    Jkeller4000 posted in Server friendly auto farm?.

    Oh my, it appreas i will need ot find a way to get a lot of slime balls to get sticky pistons.

    I did not think about the red stone causing lighting updates. That will be something i will have to think about mitigating!

  10. Sun Apr 29 13:05:40 2018
    Jkeller4000 posted in Server friendly auto farm?.

    but that does not help me going forward :) what design should i build in the future?

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