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    Tue Jun 18 11:00:38 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Greifing is so sad! .

    Here i am in my own little corner; just trying to have a little fun, using what i learned from my therapist.

    and i find out there is a huge scandal, with haxxors (it looks so cool spelled this way) :)

    @Nysic I appreciate that you continue to work hard to keep this a fair place to play!

  2. 2 days ago
    Sun Jun 16 02:04:58 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Joke: Hate button! .

    It's an off topic, not a suggestion :)

    I have not seen you online recently iwarriiori, have you been doing well?

  3. 3 days ago
    Sat Jun 15 18:30:25 2019
    Jkeller4000 started the conversation Joke: Hate button! .

    If we have a like button , then we need to have a hate button!

    :) just kidding i would get too sad and leave if anyone hated me :)

  4. Sat Jun 15 18:28:20 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Buying concrete.

    Oh my grey concrete! Black dye is hard to get :(

  5. last week
    Tue Jun 11 17:51:18 2019
    Jkeller4000 started the conversation Greifing is so sad! .

    Does anyone feel the five stages of greif when they get greifed?

    I love the denial stage. It was a small greif, it was Not too bad. I can rebuild!

    I love the anger stage. I will greif them back! I will cause them harm! I will raid them!

    I love the depression stage. I am never goign to play minecraft again i quit! I am going to be a nomad; a recluse!

    Bargaining! If i build a huge base then they will not greif me again! If i build out of obsidian, then they will not greif me again! I will not hurt you if you give me back my beacons!

    Acceptance! Greifing is apart of the game you win some you lose some just having fun is what is important!

    Every time i get greifed I think of the stages and wonder which one i am currently in, I was angry at someone who username was blue_something :( i feel bad because i was too mean to them and they left :(

    I stopped playing minecraft for a bit because i just am kinda in the depression. and decided playign with the seebeck effect irl would be more interesting. but then while walking someone got mad at me for pushing the walk button on the light and crossing the street when the walk sign was on soi guess irl is too full of greifers for me too!

    But i will try to fak the acceptance stge until i get there! It is just a game! the goal of a game is to enjoy my time! And that is what i will do enjoy playing!

    So do you also try to pay attention to what stage of greif you are in when you get greifed?

  6. Sun Jun 9 10:48:40 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    Hey lets go the opposite because we are not running out of ram.

    "A mob will immediately despawn if there is no player within 128 blocks of it."


    each chunk is 16 blocks. 128 /16 = 8

    setting render distance to some where above 8. would cause all mobs to despawn immediately when a player moves about their base.

    I just like to keep suggesting new things in hopes one might work. I know guessing at solutions it not a very good way to solve problems that i know nothing about.

  7. Sat Jun 8 19:54:06 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in I need a beacon.

    Beacons are so hard to get! millions of pig men all attacking me! and blazes starting fires lighting up the area!

    But i figured out that snow can be placed to stop the blazes from starting fire! and still wither skeletons will spawn! but ghasts can destroy the snow :(

    maybe we can get everyone a beacon in 15 years :)

  8. Sat Jun 8 19:31:40 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    is the server running out of ram?

    In 1.12 the render distance was only ~5.

    but i complained and i think it was moved to 6?

    would it be worth while to reduce the render distance until the next update?

    i know some times when ram gets mostly used some operating systems start to use the hard drive as extra memory which causes applications to slow down until the application is restarted. which seems to be similar to what is happening in our server?

  9. Fri Jun 7 10:56:22 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    I do not Know if it makes much of a difference,

    But I accidentally agroed pig men. and because mobs spawn so much i cannot kill all the agroed pig men before more pig men spawn.

    and then i get a hoard of hundreds of pig men. all angry all path finding trying to get to me.

    I am tryign to place half slabs to reduce their spawn. but i cannot fight them and place half slabs at the same time. and it has been a full day of logging out and logging in and the pig men are still agroed. i cannot get them to not be agroed :(

    I wonder if the lag is consistent with people in the nether?

  10. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Jun 2 13:42:08 2019
    Jkeller4000 posted in Solutions for the lag?.

    it might have a bit to do with villagers.

    I noticed at 8 game time there was a lag spike.

    then at 6 in game time there was a huge lag spike and the game crashed.

    I am hoping that maybe someone can come and visit all players villages and give suggestions on how to make the villagers finding their work stations easier.

    or verify that it is villages? because maybe i am just trying to find a pattern where there is none?

    or it could be the iron golems in town, i had to set up a way that auto killed the iron golems because they would keep spawning and get quiet a few. maybe there are towns out there with many golems trapped in a house making the server do millions of collision calculations.

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