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    Mon Jan 15 14:23:18 2018
    JKELLER4000 posted in What Just Happened Lel.

    I have this happen but the game mode change spam happens after i die, not before i die.

    so i see no reason why you should get your stuff back.

    however i have no clue why a person would just randomly die in the sky while using their elytra unless it became to damaged and broke.

  2. Sun Jan 14 20:53:44 2018
    JKELLER4000 posted in The Deal of a Lifetime.

    " I accidentally blew myself up, leaving a death pile with a full set of God Armor"

    Doesn't some times explosions blow up the items too?

    or am i miss-remembering how explosions work?

  3. Sun Jan 14 01:52:12 2018
    JKELLER4000 posted in Net Neutrality.

    Ah yes fear. This Is the great motivator. I have seen many people do things that have hurt themselves out of fear than take risks that lead to great benefit!

    risk aversion. there is a whole wikipedia article written about humans insane risk aversion :) and how businesses and politicians use this for profits.

    If you mane the human afriad the human would rather spend $2 dollar to avoid losing than spend $1 dollar to win!

    lots of games use this. they code the game so that the player almost wins but loses. and the player can pay to not lose!

    the net neutrality is using your fear of losing to take advantage of you. so please do not let them! learn about your irrational fear of losing and learn how to prevent people from using it against you!

  4. Sat Jan 13 16:12:19 2018
    JKELLER4000 posted in Slime chunks.

    have you found slims chunks ? i know slime is a very valuable commodity!

  5. Sat Jan 13 15:39:25 2018
    JKELLER4000 posted in Net Neutrality.

    "Community-owned internet service providers are cheaper and better."


    this is why i like the american way of anti monopoly, free markets.

    why i love crafy mynes free markets anyone can trade anything and build almost anywhere.

    It is easier to trouble shoot problems if a system has many small parts! many programmers are taught to brake large programs into many small functions, many programs are broken in many small objects. many large functions are broken into many small command blocks. then if a probel m arrises it is easy to find the specific block that has the problem and fix it.

    but if you let one large corporation or politician in charge of everything! then google can make one typo and japan loses internet for a day.


    oops, google broke japans internet.

    this is why net neutrality is a good thing. if the corporations are all allowed to do what they want to the interent then each corporation can offer something different and small companies can either offer something extremely high quality or something extremely cheap. that the larger corporations cannot offer easily. and the smaller communities can offer faster trouble shooting. which leads to better response times. and less total black outs.

    sure the transition will be a hard one as we are seeing first the large corporations must price gouge! as we see on crafty mynes. first a player must charge really high prices for an item before other players think it is worth while to try to produce it themselves. but then ten players start producing it themselves and the market price for that items drops and the quality and ease of obtaining that item improves! it does take time! sometimes a long time. it took 100 years for 70% of the american population to own cars! but it will come and it will be amazing.

  6. Fri Jan 12 16:33:27 2018
    JKELLER4000 posted in Trade post eating items? .

    At the time the items seem to spasm a bit and then disappear. i guess i should have taken a video.

    However i just went to the trade post and the issue is fixed.

    I have no idea where the items went. I did try looking for them at the time they disappeared but I could not find them. however i did not look too hard for them; maybe i did not see them.

    It is not a big deal items are easily replaced because guardian grinders get lots of xp :)

    edit: since the issue is fixed if you want to lock this thread you can.

  7. Fri Jan 12 14:23:55 2018
    JKELLER4000 posted in Trade post eating items? .

    I think a mod got an admin to come in and fix it some time.

    I am happy for the confirmation!

    It is glorious that it works properly now!

  8. Fri Jan 12 13:04:21 2018
    JKELLER4000 started the conversation Trade post eating items? .

    Not sure which category to put this in.

    the trade post left side. seems to "eat" items I toss into it.

    I have no clue what happens to the items. and when i hit cancel they do not come back.

    Another player also said that they had items that got lost in the trade post.

    So it would be nice if some testing could be done to see if this trade post behavior can be repeated and if someone could inform me if it is me doing something wrong or if it is the trade post itself?

  9. Wed Jan 10 19:39:43 2018

    Torn looks really scary on the main page it just said someone got mugged!

  10. Wed Jan 10 12:44:44 2018
    JKELLER4000 started the conversation secura.e-sim.org America needs more soldiers! .

    Alright it is a super boring "two click" simulation "game". The first week they have a tutorial that is really terrible to get through like horrid. most players do not make it through the tutorial before being liek this game sucks!

    but anyways. some how I got elected president of the united social states of america :( which got taken over by Japan last year some time. I am not too good on the details.

    and so i am hoping there are some people who have some time to play https://secura.e-sim.org/index.html

    It is kinda cool the reason why i originally liked it was because It was more of an economic game. you can have small factories. and hire workers and produce goods, and try to sell those goods on a market. you have to worry about taxes, wages, foreign policy, currency, and wars.

    The reason why i do not really like the game anymore is because the creators of the game last year went through the game and gave(edit: typo) all the business owners huge fines for trying to earn profits from the employees. Which i still cannot wrap my head around. i cannot figure it out why create an economic simulation, then punish players for trying to profit.

    Anyways. I know some players on crafty mynes are Canadian. I am not sure how nationalistic Canadians are, but in the game Canada Is currently being attacked by France :( and looks like they could use well several boat loads of help!

    Australia seems to be trucking along just fine they have taken over parts of Vanuatu and East Timor.

    This game is very particular about having multiple accounts so if you have many people in your house hold be careful.

    And We get very nasty to each other in e-sim It is cut throat robber baron type game. Lots of accusations of Political take overs, spy infiltrations and economic subversions!

    Also it is me, and I take things very personally when I play games, one day I will learn not to! I hope you guys can help me free The United Socialist States of america from the Japanese High Taxes!


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