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    Sun Dec 27 18:03:32 2020
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    Hey everyone. You may or may not know me from Crafty Mines. I used to be very active and play a lot with my friends.

    Ban Reason: X-Ray

    The reason for my ban was X-Ray. Yes. I did use X-Ray and trust me I do regret it. I have been banned for a pretty long time now and me not being able to play on Crafty Mines kind of ruined the server for me and my friends. Using X-Ray was a really dumb idea and I regret it ever since I did it. I absolutely assure you that if I will be unbanned, I will never ever use X-Ray again. As I said, it was a really dumb idea and I still regret it a lot.
    I will also understand if you won't unban me because I know that its not easy to trust someone who neglected your trust before. If you unban me tho I will be very thankful and will never use any not allowed midifications ever again.
    Thanks for your time and have great holidays.
    yours sincerely, Moritz

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