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  1. 6 days ago
    Mon Oct 16 00:33:51 2017
    _Confederacy_ posted in END PORTAL PROBLEMS.

    Did you die after the teleport or did you just die?

    Maybe someone rigged the gateway since it puts you in a certain spot every time.

  2. Mon Oct 16 00:28:42 2017

    Been here 2 years never seen that banner before.

  3. Sun Oct 15 16:26:29 2017
    _Confederacy_ posted in Social Media Mess.

    All I see on Instagram are memes, motivational quotes, and selfies.

    Facebook is the same way.

  4. Sun Oct 15 13:52:39 2017

    @SharpSerac I think that the current punishment for PVP logging in the arena is not harsh enough. It's the only place in the server where us PVPers really have something specifically for us and nothing stops people from abusing the log out button other than a superficial label. I think that by entering the arena, you should be risking something, and arena loggers currently do not risk anything. I know that this would not be that hard to implement since there are commands that can tell when someone logs out while in combat.

    In addition, teleports should also have delay added to them to make it harder to escape. Right now they are instant as long as you have full health. This change would just make it harder to get out of the arena (and other places in the map) without fighting, as it should be. A delay of about 5 seconds would be fair.

    I agree with killing the loggers. I think if you're going to go into the arena you shouldn't be allowed to leave once you get into a fight that you are losing. The punishment for this should be worse than "[Username] is a combat logger!" They should be killed and the items distributed to whoever caused them to log (the last one to hit them). As for tping home I think that should remain the same as it is now.

    @BoneChi11er Heres the issue with the current setup of the pvp ring. The thing is anyone can just join in a fight, which isn't great if your trying to pvp with one person or so. Which in turn make pvp logging all the more understandable. While pvp servers usually have a free-for-all section, they also tend to have a closed-duel section where it's 1v1 or 2v2 and ect.. I would think having more options to pvp like that would not only reduce pvp logging, but also potentially introducing more players into pvp and making pvp more interesting in general(whether that can be done or not in vanilla, I have no idea. Im just elaborating here). Kinda unfair to try and pin down pvp logging unless you change the setup of pvp.

    That's why there was a discussion on making a 1v1 arena.

  5. last week
    Wed Oct 11 05:51:53 2017
    _Confederacy_ posted in 1v1 Arena with Risking and Betting.

    Sounds like a good idea.

  6. Tue Oct 10 01:52:07 2017
    _Confederacy_ posted in This Proves my point!.

    Considering @JuraraJupiter came out and said the evidence which he created was fake and showed how he made it I don't know why the legitimacy of the evidence is still a thing to you @deyahruhd. Also @NerdieBirdieYT is just doing his normal routine of posting videos about important events in the CM world. He "capitalized on the drama for views" because he's a YouTuber and that's what you do on YouTube. (Even though a random person could find this forum and discover the issue for themselves because this, like YouTube, is a public place) If you've been here for the last few months you would know he has been making videos on "drama" for a while now (Oblivion, Rybye, base attacks, Team Eye, etc.) yet none of you had a problem with it until his videos addressed you and you got your poor feelings hurt.

  7. Mon Oct 9 17:34:25 2017
    _Confederacy_ posted in This Proves my point!.

    @humfrydog Nerdie Birdie just proved my point. He has went to Youtube and posted a video using my name without my permission talking all about what went down. This proves my point all he cares about is Youtube views. I kept this within Craftymynes I never went to Youtube I went to the forums. Feel free to comment. Admins DONT lock this thread. I don't fear what others might say Bring it on.

    Please keep in mind he does this with everything, just look at his Oblivion video and Rybye videos and other videos where he mentions players/situations and talks about them. If something of importance happens you can expect him to do a video about it. Just because he does this does not mean he only cares about his views, he has a life outside of CM and MC just like you and me.

  8. Sun Oct 8 13:47:07 2017
    _Confederacy_ posted in 10 Ways To Make Your Computer Faster.

    Great advice.

  9. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Oct 6 17:28:35 2017

    So the big reveal is just a fake.

    gg everyone.

  10. Fri Oct 6 17:16:52 2017

    "I wonder if the mole knows how much this stresses some of us out... It gets my disorders up sometimes"

    There's no sense causing yourself pain by worrying about a game, just sayin.

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