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    Sun Aug 6 16:52:03 2017
    jamlbon posted in Voting Rewards.

    Just throwing this out there.

    You say having an alt negates the need for warps, I disagree. As it stands you have a home and a warp, this is effectively what you would have with 1 alt before warps were implemented.

    Now with warps if you have an alt you have: Main home, main warp, alt home and alt warp.

  2. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Jul 30 20:55:53 2017

    Forgive me if this is wrong but banned players are allowed back of the basis that they will from then on cease to use hacks and such allowed to remain on the server, however if they were to hack again and were banned for it it would be an IP ban if I remember rightly.

    I may be wrong on this but I tried...

  3. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Jul 19 07:26:52 2017

    @ryleeraee it all seems much more interesting than me! :)
    studying criminology in university!

    Disagree that's actually very interesting :P

  4. 5 weeks ago
    Thu Jul 13 20:28:12 2017
    jamlbon posted in Player Shop.

    @DoppyRex Well say they want to buy a diamond pick they could buy one

    That's not the point, what I believe that Halo means is that you shouldn't be SELLING to your faction members, it's more that you could be giving them things or even lending them... just my interpretation

  5. Tue Jul 11 14:48:46 2017

    Welp I'm still in full time education (tho i am looking fir a job) studying maths, chemistry and biology with tbe hope of going to uni to study forensic investigations.

    Haven't really got any cool hobbies I'm basically eitber reading or playing video games....more game now a high key Tales of Symohonia addiction ha ....i need help.

  6. Tue Jul 11 07:25:43 2017
    jamlbon posted in The Holy Order of the Bread .

    Only the Chef, master of all four ingredients, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished.

  7. 6 weeks ago
    Thu Jul 6 17:15:19 2017

    @Pimpcy -image-
    The Ender Dragon
    ( I finished it just now since the rough sketch has been sitting in a folder I thought mise well use it to keep the contest running )

    Daaaamn Pimp thats amazing how do you do this lmao

  8. Wed Jul 5 14:44:21 2017
    jamlbon posted in Banner Gallery.

    @DoppyRex how do you put banner designs on shields

    Stick em in a crafting grid together

  9. 7 weeks ago
    Tue Jun 27 07:19:06 2017
    jamlbon posted in Same.

    I too feel the same way

  10. 2 months ago
    Mon Jun 19 06:38:39 2017
    jamlbon posted in Lookie what I found!.

    @Naidae If you want help building one, and you have a spider spawner, or multiple nearby, MIMSoM and I can help you build it! He's a whiz at making it work beautifully :D

    If you don't mind trying to work over my horrifically botched design, I would like to hire your assistance.
    Also assuming that you can do normal spider grinders ??

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