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    Fri Mar 16 23:00:01 2018
    OtherGreenGamer posted in Shop Question.

    Quartz, sandstone, purpur, and other harder to get building blocks would be ideal.

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    Mon Mar 12 03:35:14 2018

    God stuff available

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    Fri Mar 9 07:18:35 2018
    OtherGreenGamer posted in 1.13 News / Discussion.

    @iDogeTwinkie Jesus fucking Christ do me a favor and don't do a map reset. I'm getting tired of that shit.
    New players will suffer in the beginning and that's exactly what makes this game a survival game.

    I really am not looking forward a reset at all. I came back just a week ago.

    I know they won't do a reset anytime soon, because they know what is the best, but if that happens I'm gone for good. Can't rebuild same shit all over again. I'm in planning of a new base but it won't be anything special. I just don't wanna go through same shit again because I don't have as much time as I used to.


    Friendly reminder map's been up since November 2016. One year and 4 months, nearly a year and a half. Longer than any other map we've ever had. By late July 2018, we will have had this map 2 times the length of the 1.9 map, which is only 4 months away. It's getting to be super boring for a lot of players (who have exhausted everything they've set out to do), some have even quit until it does reset.

    TL:DR, Map's been up for too long in a lot of peoples minds, and they're bored. I think we need a reset

  4. Tue Mar 6 22:26:54 2018
    OtherGreenGamer posted in Question/reset/when.

    @R4iscool1 There is no plans for a reset, if and when we decide to reset, we will tell you.
    We keep just as up to date on the new developments as you guys do.

  5. Tue Mar 6 13:18:26 2018

    @GrandpaCarl00 rip economy and competition

    Hey, I still compete. And there are a few other shops.
    Swagshop is a great option though and are just as good as my stuff. Plus they offer stuff I cannot.

  6. Tue Mar 6 13:07:33 2018
    OtherGreenGamer posted in 1.13 News / Discussion.

    @humfrydog Sadly to make oceans spawn right and fix the mansion issue alone tell me a reset is best. We all saw the problem with mansions on a partial reset and the lack of totems available. F

    Factor in fish will only spawn in certain regions there is potential for existing afk fish farms to have an advantage over new ones depending on if the fish are water biome specific. I also foresee half formed shipwrecks and half formed ruins like the mansions where old map meets new.

    I know very little about coding so I claim no knowledge but I can see the Possibility of multiple issues past and present a new map would best address. again tho my opinion. i really am looking for to the new features, challenges and opportunities.

    We always talk about no unfair advantage however players farther out will have just that as there will be less unexplored lands nearby whereas new players will need to travel long distances. So basically legacy players will get there first in the beginning and with better gear will dominate the new stuff. A map reset puts all equal. it sucks but i think would be best.

    Reminder this is opinion and doesn't reflect anyone's attitude over a reset but mine.

    If we did stay on this map for even longer, and into 1.13, the map would inevitably have a lot problems. I would expect biome problems, new players would just die after a few hours due to phantoms since beds currently mess up sethome so it would have to be changed, I would expect a lot of the command blocks would be messed up due to commands being changed, people's redstone contraptions and builds would be messed up due to new water mechanics, and of course a lot people would just not be happy (either way to be fair).

    In my opinion a reset would be the best decision.

  7. Tue Mar 6 03:01:39 2018
    OtherGreenGamer posted in 1.13 News / Discussion.

    @Dennari43 From the wiki page, the new Phantom mob spawns after 3 days of no sleep 20-34 blocks above the player's head. But only if you are in the overworld, it's night, you are above sea level, and there is no light blocking block above your head(must be air/glass/etc). The mob spawns in packs of 1-4, and it does not respect the mob cap as they spawn.

    So if you like living in the end/nether/deep underground, you're safe. Overworld/above ground players will have to hide till day or use a bed.

    I do think the best solution, if possible, is to implement someway for the tp home function to count as sleeping. But even still, they might still become a problem for people that don't use the commands or sleep at all.

    There are a few solutions.

    1: We just completely disallow them from spawning.

    2: Your solution. Which is possible, as I believe insomnia will be a scoreboard event. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    3: My idea. Completely remove the sethome command, And make beds function as the only sethome.
    This will allow for the go home command to stay, but also allow for the phantoms to act how they are meant to.

  8. Mon Mar 5 22:07:13 2018

    @Gminidog How much would a god helm and god boots be?

    I don't sell individual pieces. Only full set or nothing.

  9. Mon Mar 5 07:50:51 2018
    OtherGreenGamer posted in 1.13 News / Discussion.

    @humfrydog Actually there will be 5 different tridents, a new water mob not released yet and 48 different underwater ruin variations.

    @iDogeTwinkie Yeah I saw those on YT. Pretty neat stuff. I also LOVE the fact that you will be able to combine potions.
    You know, make a couple of different potions and just shove them all together into a mixed one.
    So basically what you get is literally few potion effects in one bottle. This is definitely a great thing.

    I'm glad Mojang Team finally got their shit together and made some useful shit in MC.

    Source? I don't say anything about either from a reliable source. Logdotzip's (That's that guys name right?)
    video, which was the only thing I could find, was a concept made by a modder.

  10. Sun Mar 4 21:05:06 2018

    @Cileklim Buying both plus 5 god shields and 10 mending books.

    On it.

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