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  1. 2 days ago
    Thu Oct 19 19:29:29 2017
    OtherGreenGamer posted in Green's Wizardry and Blacksmithery.

    Sorry minesy, it sold before you agreed to regular.

  2. 3 days ago
    Wed Oct 18 15:47:18 2017
    OtherGreenGamer posted in Green's Wizardry and Blacksmithery.

    @minesy I could I buy it with fire prot?

    No sorry.

  3. 4 days ago
    Wed Oct 18 01:42:04 2017
    OtherGreenGamer posted in Green's Wizardry and Blacksmithery.

    Godset available.

  4. Tue Oct 17 21:20:07 2017
    OtherGreenGamer posted in support humfry.

    Happy Bday @humfrydog hope you get back on your feet asap

  5. 5 days ago
    Mon Oct 16 12:21:03 2017

    Probably some randos banner. Never saw it before.

  6. last week
    Fri Oct 13 04:49:46 2017
    OtherGreenGamer posted in Technical Issues.

    Well crap, sorry then can't help lol

  7. Fri Oct 13 03:25:08 2017
    OtherGreenGamer posted in help with villagers .

    We've had custom villagers before, but we removed them due to them messing up the economy but mostly because people complained it wasn't vanilla. Now they're just regular villagers that get changed every once in a while. I doubt it will be changed.

  8. Fri Oct 13 02:39:03 2017
    OtherGreenGamer posted in Technical Issues.

    @LittleOwlet3 Because I have a life and sooooo many things going on at one time. I also have to answer phone calls through ringcentral and minimize the window quite frequently

    Alt - Tab

    You're welcome

  9. Wed Oct 11 17:21:19 2017
    OtherGreenGamer posted in 1v1 Arena with Risking and Betting.

    I rather it be up to pure skill than have interruptions by the environment. That's just me though.

  10. Tue Oct 10 03:03:53 2017
    OtherGreenGamer posted in This Proves my point!.

    First, @NerdieBirdieYT

    @deyahruhd he felt obligated to dramatize the whole thing for his channel, with clickbait thumbnail arrows directly pointing out himself as the "LEAKER!?" while Humfry stands on the side looking like a nefarious villain.

    Despite this being a troll comment, I think you unintentionally hit a good point.

    Nerdie. You could have just made a thumbnail in usual style without making Humfry look like he was falsely accusing you (Literally pointing a finger... or blocky nub. You get the point). He legitimately thought he had proof of you saying you were faking stuff for views. Framing it, perhaps unintentionally, in an obviously biased way (Showing primarily negative comments and tone, implying that our skepticism is blaspheme. Perhaps not the intent, but that's how it came off) makes it seem he has a point. When you posted the video you DID know people were going to watch it for the drama, it's foolish to claim otherwise. You know that arrows, faces, and vibrant colours in thumbnails tend to give more views, because putting an arrow in 6/27 of your Craftymynes based videos would seem odd otherwise. Faces in all except 2 of your server based videos. And vibrant colours in all of your server based videos. Explosions tend to get more views, along with capitals too, Cliff hanger esque titles, large words. I could go on and on. I refuse to believe that all of this is coincidence.

    This is why stereotypes exist. They have basis in truth.

    I posted a video about the controversy, and that is all.

    If you would refrain from stereotyping me as a view-hungry YouTuber for no good reason

    Controversy gets more views.
    Every youtuber wants views, but those that hunt for views and to grow do the things I stated. I don't think there is anything wrong with this, but you can't say you aren't view hungry. Most Youtubers are.


    These videos and links DO brush on my points atleast once.

    Second, @humfrydog

    It is very petty of you to report his video. Nerdie did not violate any law or policy in U.S law or Youtube policies. Your evidence (atleast the first) is proven false, and the second remains unfalsifiable. Your point may stand, but your base argument is moot. I can say without a reasonable doubt that Nerdie did not leak his coords, with the evidence provided. It is inaccurate to say that Nerdie ONLY cares about views. You don't hold blame to the proof being false, HOWEVER, you do hold blame how you handled it after it was proven false. IMO you reaction shone you in a bad light.


    Conclusion / TLDR

    While Humfry has a point that Nerdie seeks to get views and grow through thumbnails, titles and the content within those 2, he is inaccurate about Nerdie only caring about views and is IMO petty for filing a privacy report which is false just to annoy him.


    Sorry Juju and Dawn <3

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