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    Wed Sep 19 16:06:06 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in New super dope castle coming SOOON.

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  2. 2 days ago
    Tue Sep 18 05:07:20 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in I wish I could afford to be Valgys.

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  3. 3 days ago
    Mon Sep 17 03:44:20 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in Selling a super dope base.

    @humfrydog I would recommend listing a minimum price, what all comes with the base. For example approx distance from spawn like past 100k , and spawners or grinders, ect ect . plus having a standing good rep and offering a refund if raided in first 30 days help

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  4. 6 days ago
    Fri Sep 14 17:33:45 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in Anxiety Support Group 1.12 Village Tour.

    "Shut up, Green!"

  5. last week
    Wed Sep 12 12:39:12 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in J&B Community Project completed.

    bgmg you're great my dude, but given what they did to the grinder in 1.9, I would bet Team Eye will grief this within a month.

  6. Mon Sep 10 13:16:47 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in The Rig Thread.

    Picture of my computer:


  7. Sat Sep 8 10:14:50 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in new Barony Lands of Sknup.

    @MisterChris717 It's so big, no one would be able to grief all of it.

    Honestly, you'd need so much time and/or tnt it just wouldn't be worth it. Even for the most ambitious of griefers it might be too costly.

  8. 2 weeks ago
    Wed Sep 5 19:39:36 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in MisticKnights Ban Appeal.

    Hello, I'm the mod that banned you.

    You were banned for saying a few words, both directed at players and not, that violate the rules here.

    Since it seems you understand what you did, any are sorry about it you will be unbanned in 24 hours from my reply.

  9. Wed Sep 5 09:08:53 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in The Rig Thread.

    I have a laptop, Logitech gaming mouse, walmart headphones and a Blue Snowball. Don't @ me.

  10. Sat Sep 1 21:05:04 2018
    Th3GreenGamer posted in smeyers ban appeal v.3.

    Since it's obvious you did read what I wrote, and it seems you're sorry you will be unbanned in 24 hours from this post.

    Take this time to review the rules , if you haven't already.

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