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    Sat Aug 12 23:21:33 2017
    Jordi223b posted in Map Reset.

    Resets not only happen for corruption issues, the last reset was because the economy was messed up, and I believe there was once a reset because of a hacker.
    (yeah, didn't read)

  2. Sat Aug 12 05:18:11 2017
    Jordi223b posted in buying a creeper farm.

    @ShadowHunter7_ How many should i add for the server spawn rates

    You can tweak however you want to have the effects you want, but I'd put like 60 or so

  3. Fri Aug 11 19:11:12 2017
    Jordi223b posted in buying a creeper farm.

    @ShadowHunter7_ is there a way that i can make these server low spawn rates in a singleplayer world to test farms

    You can use an spawner to get the exact amount of mobs you want to have a similar effect, but you need to have the spawner loaded for it to work.
    You should also consider that in singleplayer the mob cap is (I think) 70, while on multiplayer is a number dependant on the number of players and chunks loaded.

  4. Fri Aug 11 16:07:38 2017
    Jordi223b posted in buying a creeper farm.

    @minesy acraft just go 89k out then wait for it to be night and there so many creepers

    The mob cap applies to the whole world, I've lived really far away and spawnrates are still shit, the problem isn't the lag, but that there are so many mobs (spread out among everyone)
    Any mobfarm on the overworld that doesn't use spawners is basically worthless.

  5. 2 weeks ago
    Mon Jul 31 20:06:37 2017
    Jordi223b posted in Banned players being allowed back.

    There have been cases where perma banned players have come back on alts and become very valueable players on the community

  6. Mon Jul 31 05:48:19 2017

    Unless you tell us what the books have, I don't think they mean much, but I understand why you didn't :P

  7. Mon Jul 31 05:18:54 2017
    Jordi223b posted in Staff Communication.

    Different staff members have different ways of handling different stuff, as well as logic, some might think "How would we know you are using auto-click?, you can just have your mouse stuck, or be clicking yourself, so yeah" , others might think that watching somebody do the same thing for 5 hours means it is definetly auto-click so no, these are both good opinions, but it is hard to determine which one should be prioritized so the simple, "Is auto-click banneable?" isn't as simple to answer as you might think.
    At least that is what I believe could cause some contradictions or disagreements.

  8. 3 weeks ago
    Sat Jul 29 22:41:42 2017
    Jordi223b posted in Mob Spawner limit.

    No that it matters much, you can just make your trap so that it can only handle x number of mobs because of crowding.
    And, from personal experience, you can go a little over the limit as long as it isn't for so long and nothing will happen, but I also believe you can't get banned for it, you will just be kicked so that the admins can kill all the mobs.

  9. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Jul 18 01:54:17 2017
    Jordi223b posted in Selling a squid spawn egg.

    @Argail Uh..changing spawners is allowed. It just won't work 100% of the time.

    I don't know if it is partially allowed or it the rule changed, but the post I linked says that it isn't.
    Besides, the spawners caused a lot of problems on the last server, I don't think it is something staff want to repeat again

  10. Tue Jul 18 00:32:35 2017
    Jordi223b posted in Selling a squid spawn egg.

    No, in the 1.10 reset it was decided that, for economies sake, it was no longer possible to change spawners.
    It was originally possible by asking admins for it (if you had an egg), but there where things made like shulker farms that kinda broke the economy and this farms were one of the several causes to make a reset.
    I recommend reading this post

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