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    Thu Apr 13 22:41:15 2017

    Is the slime block = 0.40$ equals 0.40$ per stack?

  2. Thu Apr 13 18:26:53 2017
    Qluue posted in The Church.

    @Carl_Sagan1 is this in what is called Creative mode?

    Yeah. You can see that he made this in singleplayer mode because of the slimes in the background. Also you can see that he's invulnerable but doesn't have that ghost-like visual to him so you know he's in Creative Mode

    @Ealdwine_Drasax -image-

    The church really looks good. It's outstanding.

  3. Tue Apr 11 21:24:29 2017

    what are the prices

  4. Tue Apr 11 20:16:14 2017
    Qluue posted in I built a house .

    You should add more details to the house. Don't just let it be dull and be a box. There should be a roof and depth to the house. The pillars holding the house should be much more detailed too. Maybe add stairs to the pillar to make it look like they're connected because it seems like the house is hanging by a thread. As for the front yard, the nether doesn't really mix with the acacia wood nor does it mix with the cobblestone. For the inside, I think it's really good since it's such a small space and it doesn't need that much work.

  5. Tue Apr 11 03:24:43 2017
    Qluue started the conversation Buying God Armor and God Sword.

    Tell me if you can sell me it and put the price down.

  6. Mon Apr 10 18:55:21 2017
    Qluue posted in REEEEEEE.

    Wait that was the grinch the whole time?
    I thought it was Pepe the Frog

  7. Mon Apr 10 18:54:10 2017

    @iDogeTwinkie I just inhaled a lot of freedom. :)

    I get what you mean iDogeTwinkie *winks*

  8. Sun Apr 9 23:25:01 2017
    Qluue posted in The Weird Bow.

    If you were to enchant it with another Unbreaking I book, would it turn into Unbreaking III or just Unbreaking II or two Unbreaking II?

  9. Sun Mar 26 03:31:12 2017

    Am I not to be trusted?

  10. Fri Mar 24 12:04:03 2017
    Qluue posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    @Mayorga Ye talkin to yerself wot?

    And anyways welcome to the selfie crew my dood xddd @KatcheD

    Oh to you ecks dee

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