Yung_North's Staff Application

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    IGN: Yung_North

    Age: 27 winters...

    Time Zone: CEST

    A Bit About Myself:
    I have played on Crafty Mynes for around the full 9 years (including under the name RRAANDOOOOMM).
    I love everything about CM. The vanilla itself offers for great gameplay IMO. I especially love how it drives you to play with secrecy in mind ie. with building secret underground bases, running secret teams and always being aware of where you go, who you let tp and the trail you leave behind in general. I also love how it allows for a completely open trading system and I think the way trading is done on the server works super well! I also definitely have big love for the CM-community. Whether it's a love/hate-relationship like with most players versus Team Eye or something more personal within a team or just chatting with all the other players in general-chat, I feel like everyone gets along great.
    I don't really have anything I don't like about the server besides losing a couple friends to alleged problems with staff but I personally don't have much to say for the subject. I wil say though, just to be fair, that I think staff can definitely be looked upon too negatively sometimes.
    My core strengths are leadership and communication, patience and understanding as well as strategy and positive logical thinking. My biggest weaknesses would be my trust issues and sometimes being kind of fragile in terms of outside influence.

    Why I Am Applying: I am applying for staff because I love the server and would love to contribute. I already like helping new players settle in and answering their questions about the server so applying just seems like the logical next step. I just really want be a part of the team that runs the Minecraft server I love.

    Time Played on Crafty Mynes (ticks): Many across multiple maps (I currently have just under 7.5 million ticks but I was told by rnc2011 to put it this way and that it would be okay considering my long standing on CM).

    1 Thing 2 Change: One thing I would change about myself would be my materialistic outlook / being cold. I tend to always buy the most expensive I can afford and always feel bad at the end of the month when I've spent all my money. I also tend to be sort of cold with regard to my view on life and morals. I feel like materialism/coldness is highly connected and would like to learn to spend my money better and being better at appreciating the smaller things in life.

    Additional Information/Notes: My IGN is the same as my coming rap-name! 2024! Look out!

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