Is this vanilla? – Yes, for the one millionth time, this server is 100% vanilla. That means we’re using the unmodified Mojang server jar and have no plug-ins or mods. We do use command blocks, which happen to be part of vanilla Minecraft. Please do us a favor and don’t, after being on the server for 30 seconds, announce, “This is not vanilla!” It just makes us want to punch you in the face.

Where can I vote? – You can vote once a day on all 4 sites Here!

What do I get for voting? - As a perk for voting, you’ll get 4 pieces of magic meat, some experience, and CraftyCredit that you can spend on warps and various other things.

Why do you ask for votes? – Voting is very important because it keeps us at the top of the rankings and ensures we get a steady stream of new players. We really do appreciate every vote, so thank you! 

Do you guys have a TeamSpeak or Discord? – Yes, our Discord is and our TeamSpeak is Note: You will need to download the TeamSpeak3 Client from Here.

Where is survival? – Spawn is protected and when you’re at spawn you’re in adventure mode. You won’t be able to break blocks, open chests, etc. To get started, use the random teleporter downstairs to the right at spawn.

Is PVP, griefing, stealing allowed? – Yes, except at spawn. 

Can I protect my base? Can I lock my chests? – No, don’t be a coward.

Where did my base go? – Did you build close to spawn? If so, your base might have been "cleaned up." Staff will periodically repair the area immediately outside spawn, restoring it to its natural look. This keeps the server looking fresh for newer players. Staff usually cleans out to 500 blocks, but will occasionally venture further out. To be safe, you should be at least 2,000 blocks away from spawn. This includes the Nether and the End. The island in the End is very small, so whatever you build there will be cleaned up eventually. Also, you can’t set home in the Nether or the End.

Can I set home? – Yes. Use your guide book to set home and teleport back and forth between home and spawn. To set home, you’ll need a 3x3x3 area clear of everything. Never put anything into the 3x3x3 area or your spawn point will be permanently reset to world spawn. Even grass growing or snow accumulating in your spawn area will break it. To set your home, click “Set Home” in your guidebook, then press t to open chat and verify your action by clicking [yes] in chat. It will say in chat whether you succeeded or not, so be sure to pay attention to the message.

What should I do if my home is obstructed? – The best thing to do is prevent your spawn area from being obstructed in the first place. Don’t set it in a field where grass can grow or in a place where snow can accumulate. Always write down your exact spawn coordinates and take screenshots. If your home was accidentally obstructed, a staff member can assist you, but you will need to tell them exactly where it is and prove that it is yours. If another survival player intentionally obstructed your spawn point, then staff cannot help. We can only assist with accidents.

Can I TP to my friend? – Sure thing, you can find the TPA in the Guide Book on the 3rd page. To use the TPA, click list players and find the ID of the player you wish to teleport to. Once you find their ID, follow the instructions in chat.

Why didn’t my TPA work? – You must both be in the same dimension and both have no active tp's running.

I have to have full health to TP? – Yes, this prevents cowards from TP’ing out of a PVP fight.

How far out should I build? – Use the random TP to get out of spawn, but don’t build immediately after random TP’ing. The random TP is only meant to get you some distance away from spawn so you don't get butchered by the fully geared people camping outside of spawn and will only get you out to a maximum of 10,000 blocks. The further you run out, the less likely someone will find your base.

What are the perks of VIP? – You get a green name, access to the swanky VIP lounge and VIP Crafting Guild, no random teleport timeout and a greater range. You will also have access to the second warp and the first warp will be free. If you’re one of the top donors you may find yourself a spot on our donor board at spawn.

How big is the map? – The world border is set to 200,000 blocks. That means you can go up to 100,000 blocks in any direction from spawn

How did someone find my base? Must be an xray’er – Did you build a nether portal at your base? You brought them right to you. Players comb the nether looking for these portals. Distance is 1:8 of that in the Overworld, meaning would-be griefer can quickly cover a lot of ground and find many bases to raid. Build your nether portal at least 1,000 blocks from your base.

Why do people get banned? – People get banned for breaking the rules. Basically, act appropriately and don’t cheat and you’ll have nothing to worry about. 

What happens if I get banned? – Vanilla servers don’t have plug-ins to self-administer the server; that is the responsibility of the staff. They may get tipped off by players, but ultimately, staff exercises judgment based on the own observations. Often staff has to make difficult decisions quickly, in real-time, to ensure all the other players have an enjoyable gaming experience. Sometimes staff may misinterpret a situation or maybe you think the punishment is too harsh. You do have the right to appeal your ban on the website ( ). Start a new thread under the Ban Appeals section. Do not post your ban appeal at the bottom of someone else’s ban appeal (or anywhere else).

Can you unban ___? – The forums are the only place you could address your ban. In-Game-Chat nor TeamSpeak aren't the places for ban appeals. Only banned players can appeal for themselves, not someone else.

How can I apply for staff? – You can apply for staff in the Staff Application section of our website ( Make a new post and follow the template.

Before you apply you should play on the server for a while. Establish a presence. Be known as someone who sets a good example, helps new players, and excises good chat etiquette. Once you apply, staff will take some time to evaluate you. The length of the evaluation period depends on your renown. If you are very well known and liked by staff, you may be accepted immediately. If no one has ever heard of you before, it could take a while.

While you’re being evaluated, staff will watch how you’re interacting with other players in chat. You will probably be asked to help out with tasks, such as repairing the area that surrounds spawn. If you impress staff, you will be accepted and receive the rank of Helper. Otherwise your application will be rejected.

Helpers answer questions and put up links when people need them. As helper you are still a survival player like everyone else. You can kill and be killed, you can raid and get raided. You continue to play as you always have, you just help moderate chat, answer questions and provide links.

Can I have OP? – lol, you’re funny!

Can I buy staff? – No you can’t buy a staff position.

Why can't I break blocks? Because you’re at spawn. Spawn is protected and you are in adventure mode. Get at least 200 blocks from spawn, then you can break blocks.

Can you do something about this block lag? – Lag is just something that you have to deal with on vanilla servers. We do our best to control the things that we can control. If you’re experience lag, we apologize and ask that you be patient until is passes. Getting better tools and enchantments will do wonders for combating lag. Thanks for understanding.

Can a staff member spawn ____ for me? – Sorry, but no. We don’t use creative to give survival players items.

What happens if I change my in-game name? – Changing your in-game name (IGN) will cause a few issues. Your rank/title is tied to your IGN, so changing it will reset you back to a normal player. This means that if you were VIP under your old name, you won't be any more. You will also lose your warps and ticks, however, you will still have your home and inventory. It's your choice, if you change your name then you will need to donate again to reacquire your rank.

Are gold/iron farms OK? – Gold farms are not allowed in the overworld. If you build one, you will be asked to take it down. Gold farms are OK in the nether, but be aware that with the Mojang entity cap and vanilla lag it is unlikely that you'll get a gold farm to work in the nether. You're most likely just wasting your time. Iron farms are OK as long as they adhere to the entity cap of 100.

Can I use Optifine, Shaders or Resource Packs? – Yup, just make sure that you don't use X-Ray Resource Packs.

Who is Staff/Owner?

The Owner of CraftyMynes is CraftyMyner, His name is Bold Red. You can see the rest of the name colors below.

What do the colored names mean?

BOLD Dark Red - Owner
Dark red - Admins
Blue - Mods
Gold - Helpers
BOLD Aqua - MVP/ServerBill
Aqua – VIP+
Green – VIP
White – players who are not in spawn
Gray – players who are in spawn
Purple – players who are in the PVP arena
Black – players who are in jail