Erazael's Ban Appeal

  1. last year

    Erazael or EpochRazael

    I was banned for spamming auto reconnect.

    I've been looking for a new server to start on. The server was going through alot of resets and I needed to afk for a bit. I just enabled auto reconnect and didn't know that this mod was against the rules. It's been a convenience for me in the past. I won't be afking anymore, and I won't be using auto reconnect for this server again. I'm sorry. If this means a permaban I'm still sorry, I'll look elsewhere.

  2. Hello I was the mod who banned you that day. I happy to hear that you have read the rules again and know that it is wrong to do so. Still, using other mods that would grant you advantages are strictly prohibited here to. Offenders will be banned permanently and I am sorry to tell you that your appeal has been denied. Wish you have a good day, good luck and good health elsewhere.

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