Inyashi's Staff Application

  1. last year

    In Game Name: Inyashi

    Age: 22

    Time Zone: PST

    Strengths: I have been staff before on Cellexya, so I wouldn't need much training. I have matured a bit since the last time I applied so no more leaky bois for me as I understand the consequences of my actions. It wasn't a very good idea to start staff drama, however good of a reason I thought I had. I'm not overly harsh with the rules, or too soft and I don't have biases against certain factions or select players. I am very fair and not afraid to ask for help if there is any additional training I'd need instead of posting a whole thread complaining about it. I also know the rules very well I'd say, however I still know for anything in a grey area to ask for clarification such as a name that is borderline, like BipolarMonkey. I am very good at deescalating situations with problem players, or just straight up trolls to prevent further chat disruption.

    Weaknesses: Somewhat limited playtime, mostly mid-evening and early night time. I was demoted in the past and I can see why making me staff again wouldn't sit well with some players and there wouldn't be a lot of trust. I know a lot of players are already distrusting of me because of last map's flying shenanigans. I am aware that some of my memeing gets a bit borderline and if I ever was promoted again, I would stop that.

    Why you are Applying: Because PapaNeon said it'd be a dank meme, that you guys were looking for more staff and I do love this server.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes (ticks): Honestly no clue what I had on the previous 2 maps, but I know it was much over 10 million figuring as I was staff previously, ticks on 1.13.1 are 4,464,362.

    Custom Note (optional): Dawn if you're reading this, anime noises
    But in all seriousness, this is a legit application with a few memes in it, pls no delete me.

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