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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Thu Mar 1 06:46:23 2018
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Soon.......

    * raids *

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Wed Feb 21 23:20:26 2018
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Random Trivia Kahoot.

    @Hijacked96 Just because it isn't CM-Based trivia doesn't mean that you can't submit CM-based questions. However, I do encourage everyone to make trivia questions outside of CraftyMynes.

    The title should be Random trivia, not CraftyMynes Random Trivia, because it implies it's about the server, which was my initial thought when I glazed it over real quick last night

    (ps-moved to off topic)

  3. Wed Feb 21 22:51:39 2018
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Random Trivia Kahoot.

    Baron is telling us to entertain this yet this says absolutely nothing about this being about CraftyMynes, this is just your own project with unrelated trivia so I will ignore this by making a post.

    Hope you learned your lesson @BaronBattleBread; lay off the nyquil

  4. Fri Feb 16 23:27:18 2018
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Don't know why I was banned.

    Please use the correct format

  5. Fri Feb 16 23:25:37 2018
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Unban Please?.

    Please follow the correct format.

  6. 5 weeks ago
    Wed Feb 14 03:01:55 2018

    You're forbidden to write in our forums because some dude said so sry bye

  7. Tue Feb 13 02:36:56 2018
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Server Offline.

    inb4 baron/r4 fucks it up

  8. Mon Feb 12 21:23:43 2018
    Blackened_Dawn posted in a question to staff.

    Anyway I hope this answered your questions Humfry, the thread just startes to deteriorate from it's original purpose.

  9. 7 weeks ago
    Wed Jan 31 16:51:32 2018
    Blackened_Dawn posted in CharBred's Ban Appeal.

    banned under "oplmko9" on April 1st 2015.

    [21:14:01] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <§5oplmko9§r> heyy mann I need an anal punding
    [21:15:56] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] <§7oplmko9§r> fuking whore let me dds the server pefore I pound you in the anus

    You were banned for threatening the server, we take these types of threats very seriously and do not tolerate this type of behaviour either. This is a permanent ban.

    Appeal denied.

  10. 2 months ago
    Sat Jan 20 01:56:48 2018
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Inventory during IGN change.

    The inventory as mentioned by the staff and the FAQ is untouched. The confusion lies in the armour; since it's a replace slot command, similar to VIP+ hats, will be the only thing affected/lost if you are wearing any.

    If we have the time to change a benign detail, we will update accordingly.

    Welcome back to the server, looking forward to actually seeing you play, hopefully enough to contribute positively to the server, will be a very nice change!

    P. S. How's Flux?

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