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  1. 15 hours ago
    Sun Jul 21 04:57:24 2019
    Blackened_Dawn posted in shepherda's ban appeal 2.

    Thank you for the confession - I understand going through hard times and finding ways to cope with it - but this is not the way to do this, because you have essentially hurt your own self image on this server just so you can, and I quote:

    so that I can see who my friends are.

    You don't need to make your friends go through "tests" in order to prove themselves to you, especially when you're lying to their faces about it - you need to learn to trust in other people to tell them the truth and show the real you. Lying is not the easy way out - it's the hardest since you have to keep it up and you eventually get caught, not to mention the devastating effects it can be on both yourself and the people you lie to and use these "tests" on.

    This was wrong of you to do for various reasons but the one that concerns the server would be stirring up the server chat wise with the bullying arch with some really unpleasant issues that were displayed there, with the false xray/cheating accusation of your own alt resulting in wasting time on following up on said accusations, and generally stirring the drama in the server and dialing up to 100.

    For the reasons above and the fact this would be technically the 2nd ban on your accounts/ip, and how serious this whole thing turned into, this ban will last 7 days.

    I hope you take this time to reflect on your actions and really consider speaking to someone.

  2. 21 hours ago
    Sat Jul 20 23:47:57 2019
    Blackened_Dawn posted in shepherda's ban appeal.

    You were banned for creating a fake story (about suicide) between yourself and your alt, causing commotion and disturbing the other players with said commotion - you use the same phone for crying out loud.

    You will not be allowed back on the server until you admit to the whole story and promise to never do this again.

  3. last week
    Thu Jul 11 23:44:35 2019
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Vote Crates.

    there's 9 crates, you're just unlucky

  4. 2 months ago
    Sat May 18 00:16:03 2019
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Ban appeal.

    You can forward your complaints to our lovely owner

  5. Sat May 18 00:02:16 2019
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Ban appeal.

    Overruled, permanent

  6. Sun May 5 19:21:21 2019
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Ban Appeal #2. .

    Appeal denied.

  7. Fri Apr 26 22:53:06 2019
    Blackened_Dawn posted in CraftyMynes and 1.14.

    it had crashed for a bit but it's back up with the usual crashes between restarts

  8. Thu Apr 25 02:51:34 2019
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Please solve our crashes mojang!.

    yeah they closed it and linked it to an "original" issue. Vote on this one!

  9. 3 months ago
    Sat Apr 13 01:53:36 2019
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Ban Appeal.


  10. Thu Apr 11 22:21:28 2019
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Discord could use a "help desk".

    mention an admin @admins

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