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  1. 5 hours ago
    Sun Oct 22 00:41:23 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in mineseyecrafts ban apeal.

    You'll be pardoned in a day.

  2. 3 days ago
    Thu Oct 19 03:54:14 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Cileklim's Banlbon.


  3. Wed Oct 18 20:08:15 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in God_Is_Dad's Appeal.

    Ehhh I didn't read, too long and not my ban but we've allowed God_of_Discordia so no issues here, don't see your name in the banlist sooooo welcome back?

  4. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Oct 6 18:00:38 2017

    300's the limit and my limit hit about 15 hrs ago.

  5. Thu Oct 5 21:20:07 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Theme Park Fever.

    @rnc2011 Im in

    You're fired

  6. 3 weeks ago
    Sun Oct 1 04:54:44 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Jbruke53's Ban Appeal.

    Hi JBruke53,

    Yes, I remember you; I banned you 2 years ago because you were unhappy that you were losing your items due to the owner's decision to reset.
    You were arguing constantly about it even after we did it on the server, and refused to acknowledge the reason why it was necessary at the time.
    You refused to even consider about the fact that CraftyMyner had almost lost the entire server for good that time if he hadn't stayed for the entire duration of the "attack", which lasted the entire night and into the morning. Some admins even stayed awake for 5-7 hours for the entire event.

    This ban appeal isn't even worthy to consider since
    1 - inaccurate timeline, but to be expected.
    2 - "yelled", more like harass
    3 - "mods", more like admins and owner.

    Although you do bring a valid point; 2 years is indeed a long time. From the kindness of our owner's heart, you will be pardoned.

  7. Thu Sep 28 23:58:14 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Hindi's Ban Apple (Quartz King).

    Short answer: denied.

  8. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Sep 23 18:58:07 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in who has the egg?.

    Dragon egg, all inside a beautifully crafted mcmuffin

  9. 6 weeks ago
    Sat Sep 9 14:32:10 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in MrVonFuzzlebutt's Ban Appeal.

    You'll be pardoned in another 12 hrs.

  10. Sat Sep 9 14:31:08 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in SkillzClient.


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