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  1. last week
    Fri Apr 9 20:45:03 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in oHidden's Ban Appeal v2.

    ok it's a perm ban then

  2. Fri Apr 9 20:40:49 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Disable VPN Bans for VIP.


  3. 4 weeks ago
    Tue Mar 16 17:23:24 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in XxBulbaritexX Ban Appeal.

    Appeal denied, xray is a permanent ban.

  4. Mon Mar 15 13:14:46 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in ittzzjojo ban appeal 2.

    Thank you for your appeal. It seems like you left your hand on the hot stove too long - hope you learned your lesson :)

    You will be pardoned in 24hrs from now.

  5. 6 weeks ago
    Sat Mar 6 18:03:06 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in i303am ban appeal.

    Stop posting appeals or I suspend you from the forums

  6. Thu Mar 4 05:37:30 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in i303am ban appeal.

    You will be pardoned in 2 days

  7. 2 months ago
    Tue Feb 16 04:31:45 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in OperationPending's Ban Appeal.


  8. Sat Feb 13 21:16:50 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Vote Nathan112202!.

    Application denied.

  9. Tue Jan 26 01:33:36 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in PiggyEater's Ban Appeal .

    A few things,

    1 - If the person in question was invisible as you say, what made you think it was the person that you messaged if they were invisible?? What made you think it wasn't the 20 other players online?

    2 - Instead of reporting the "hacker" right away, instead you messaged them accusing them of being a hacker and trying to make them admit to it instead of submitting a screenshot through discord #player-reports, since as you claim, you are in it.

    3 - Your length on the server has absolutely nothing to do whether or not you're able to hack. I've had players who've been online for yrs banned for "accidentally" leaving their cheats on.

    4 - You had 5 players in the SC area and none of them were able to see said person, how come you're the only person who could?

    5 - The alt in question is invisible with no particles... so how did you even see them in the first place?

    Appeal denied.

  10. Mon Jan 18 18:04:57 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in JackyBoy__'s ban appeal .

    You are pardoned. Do not repeat again.

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