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  1. 4 days ago
    Wed Aug 16 11:15:54 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Sorry For Disappearing.

    Welcome back!

  2. 5 days ago
    Tue Aug 15 03:53:51 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    @Grassling I want you to now stop responding and focus on the staff disscussion that you stated previously and the one that I was mocked for asking for a little while back. @Blackened_Dawn

    stop responding.. which is the thing i've done for the past hour? what's your issue, you keep mentioning me and calling me back to this thread to which concerns I've addressed already, clearly you don't want me to stop responding

  3. Tue Aug 15 03:47:08 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    @Grassling First it was R4 and his alt, then Dawn, now Vene. You guys are all tapping out without even considering the posibility that a problem is real within the community I hope you strongly consider the abstract possibility that there is great room for improvement in the staff community. We don't expect pefection, we just expect someting better.

    Excuse me, where exactly did I tap out without listening? is the fact that I surprisingly have things to do as an admin and actually discuss with my former admins that is so off putting from my previous reply?

    What do you want from me?

  4. Tue Aug 15 02:09:43 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    @GrandpaCarl00 @Blackened_Dawn

    Still, spawn eggs can't be earned naturally. they're distributed/spawn by staff via the creation of craftycrates, so in a way, yes, in a way they are ''rare'' like any other egg.

    so tbh, i don't get your guys justification over that ban reason if the previous reason was using ven's IRL name

    If we're going by technicalities, the impression was that an admin(mentioned by name as well) physically put it into his hands, which is false, only the initial egg was spawned and put into a crate that is cloned beneath the feet of vip+/mvps, no admin gave him the egg. not a matter whether an egg is rare or not.

    @Grassling I was warned about REVEALING INFORMATION as stated in many places now, I wasn't revealing any information because Vene's is sometimes used in chat. Correct me if i'm wrong but 3/4 if not 4/4 of my bans all came from Vene and because saying the two situations are the same is a long stretch I feel the ban was a haste decision from a biased staff member. @Blackened_Dawn

    4 bans or 3 bans? I'm getting old. if it's 4 it's a miracle you weren't perm banned on the 3rd part, but that;s beside the point. I understand the latter argument and if you'll allow me to discuss more at length with my fellow admins about it i'll look into it further

  5. Tue Aug 15 01:49:01 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    @Grassling Wait so you're saying that I got banned for something that not only happened like a week ago but for something that I was already punished for and never given a real argument to say what I did was wrong as the punishment itself was based off assumption. Why was I just banned now? Why was the reason that I was revealing information? @Blackened_Dawn

    Banned now because it had reached a final verdict recently, since 1 - you did bring up points that I needed to discuss with the other admins 2 - the current ban came first

    @TopsNeverStops Also, about grassling using the staffs name -

    Said staff members YouTube account is his real name, he openly comments on nerdiebirdies videos, which I know many people here watch, whether you actually enjoy his content or not, I know many of you watch them. The staff memeber also signs his ign on these comments so his personal name is very public.

    In my opinion a ban to grassling over this is petty, it is clear said staff memeber doesn't care about his personal name seeing as it is openly public and he's commenting on videos that he very well knows anyone who visits this server is likely to view.

    I do not watch his videos, but once again, this ban came first, and not unwarranted since he was warned about a similar situation previously.

  6. Tue Aug 15 01:40:19 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    @TopsNeverStops Just an experience I have had with staff being, in my opinion, way to strict.

    Me and Rybye are good friends, as many of you know.

    I got kicked for bullying when I said "you dumb rybye" in chat.

    Now, this has since been addressed and resolved with said staff member on a later date when I privately brought it up with her. She said she was simply "not in a good mood that day". Regardless of that, I still find it ridiculous that I was kicked for it in the first place, mood or not. My biggest issue with this is if when I rejoined and I showed any bit of rebuttal or retaliation, I would surely be met with a ban or another kick. Instances like this, I believe shouldn't happen period, if a staff member is in a mood and wants to releive stress, maybe it be a good idea they sign on and their alt rather that make rash decisions with the position of power they have been put in.

    I have seen other instances like this happen, but quite frankly, I don't have the time to dig through months of logs, so here's my personal example.

    We try to encourage the use of alts towards our staff members who can afford them in order for them to:

    1 - monitor the server anonymously
    2 - cool off from a bad day

  7. Tue Aug 15 01:36:14 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    @SharpSerac it's not the only reason, but it was the final nail in the coffin since he wasn't permanently banned until then

    Not exactly, it just came up first.

    @Grassling @Blackened_Dawn I'm not fighting on here to appeal my ban but since you brought it up I'd like you to re-iterate why exactly I was banned because as far as I know I reponded to those accusations and thought to the extent where they could be respectufully deemd untrue.

    @Blackened_Dawn In light of this appeal, and given your history of multiple bans, including the spreading of misinformation about staff members, which was discussed at lenght with the owner and the other admins, this ban will be a permanent ban.

    The bold here in says spreading of misinformation about staff members, this ties back to the whole situation with the eggs, it's not the prize that did not sit well with the admins, it's the fact that you purposefully did not attempt to clarify that you got an egg from a crate, instead, you let the other party believe that we admins spawn items at random to players who donate

  8. Tue Aug 15 01:26:13 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    @SharpSerac while i wouldn't exactly say i'm friends with grassling, i disagree with his ban. from what i remember, julipukki has used venetorem's real name in chat before, and to dictate who can/cannot say your real name in the chat is ridiculous. i would not say that using someone's name counts as harassment as it is literally your name. information is only private if you keep it private, which i feel venetorem has not done.

    Grassling's ban reason was addressed in my post, the name issue is not the only reason why he's banned now.

  9. Tue Aug 15 01:21:43 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    @SnowProper sorry, I am still on this part, but it bothers me, because it is a generally made mistake. aka a pet peeve of mine.

    just because the definition of slander says that in some cases it can be written, you said you do not like your character be the slandered. which then incurs the legal definition of slander and libel. if you had just used slander in a normal sentence, without reference to you being personally attacked, you would be correct. but, since you used it in a way to state it as a matter that you were being Defamed, it then becomes its legal definition. Here is your case for that then...

    English is tricky, especially when you speak legal english.

    google slander for me please, thank you.

  10. Tue Aug 15 01:20:42 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    The original point that Nerdie pointed out is that Grassling's thread was not rule breaking, which is correct. Oftentimes a few threads get posted that can be aimed at staff need to be digested fully and carefully inspected to see if the contents hold true, this was the case, I chose to do it this way to make it easier on myself and the admins to read a long post without the effects of the community chipping it and making it harder for us to catch up, similar how im having difficulty to respond to all issues addressed in this thread after so much discussion happening after a few hours, which is the amount of post I expected from Grassling's thread.

    I was only going to come home until 6pm, I did not feel like ready 13 essays today but hell, happened anyway

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