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  1. 2 months ago
    Wed Mar 2 04:17:12 2022
    Blackened_Dawn posted in TheProph3tx's Ban Appeal.

    You should be good

  2. 3 months ago
    Sun Feb 6 04:05:36 2022
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Ban appeal .

    appeal denied

  3. Sun Feb 6 03:58:11 2022
    Blackened_Dawn posted in ansonxlegend unban appeal.

    this is very lackluster appeal - you should understand that you're responsible for your own accounts, regardless on who has access to them.

    You are pardoned.

  4. Sun Feb 6 03:53:35 2022
    Blackened_Dawn posted in ban appeal for omglilydied.


  5. 5 months ago
    Sun Dec 19 03:24:26 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Abuse.

    If you cannot figure out how to click on the link I provided, you will have to wait until Crafty finds the exact ip that was banned, and that will take a while.

    Do you understand that?

  6. Sun Dec 19 03:13:56 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Abuse.

    you have a discord I messaged, and as I mentioned, if you cannot figure that out, there was another forum post I made with you in it to discuss private information.

    You were supposed to be kicked only, but you were accidentally ip banned instead. That's fine, that's on me.

    Your account is indeed pardoned, but you have over 25 ips logged under your name, and I cannot find the ip I banned you under, please read the private forum I made.

    Right here:

  7. Sun Dec 19 03:06:30 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Abuse.

    I told you what to do

  8. Sun Dec 19 00:15:37 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in UTBeefies Ban Appeal.

    or if you can't figure out discord, check forums private messages

  9. Sat Dec 18 23:55:34 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in UTBeefies Ban Appeal.

    Check discord

  10. Fri Dec 3 18:22:36 2021
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Discord ban I'm guessing?.

    Appeal denied

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