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    Fri Apr 28 06:29:18 2017

    @cepheid Helping new staff learn the ropes
    -I also feel like the "orientation" for new staff is lacking a bit. Maybe it is just a "learn as you go" experience, but I do feel like new helpers need a little bit more help knowing the kick/ban process. It took me a month as staff before someone told me it's 3 kicks you give someone before asking for a ban. Maybe it just slipped my mentor's mind, but in the current state it really feels like it's on other staff online to walk new helpers through kicking and banning rule breakers as it's not explained well enough when they first get staff. I've seen this a bit in helpers promoted after myself, and I did my best to help them learn by walking them through the process of kicking people instead of just handling it myself. I'm not sure if it's a byproduct of the admins being so far removed from being a new staff that they forget that everything that's obvious to them isn't so obvious to a day 1 helper, but some things could definitely be improved.



  2. Fri Apr 28 04:33:42 2017

    also took me awhile to find it but I did find that I posted a picture of said totem that was going into the crate in the staff skype chat for people to give feedback


    Skype name was blacked out due to being someone's real name

  3. Fri Apr 28 03:51:37 2017

    I finally had some time to look at my crates regarding the "totems"


    I posted these to discord immediately after checking but there was only a single totem in this crate, not sure where the 2nd one came from

  4. 4 days ago
    Tue Apr 25 05:47:42 2017

    @TacoJesus he listed a lot of reasons the server is dying, i left for a month and came back at a time which was saw as prime time where the most people was on and there was like 20 something looks like people are a lil burned out on craftymynes

    Being online during exam weeks isn't really a compelling reason to claim a dying server just like claiming that the ad revenue on youtube dropped off solely due to the ad boycott when previous years show that the months before June always give out the lowest ad revenue

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    Sat Apr 22 15:59:51 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    @BluePlauge Id call it a touque but thats the Canadian seeping out a little.

    tuque, how dare u add an o to a french word


  7. Fri Apr 21 13:51:52 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Doritos Inquiry.

    @ghostassasin81 You've got to be kidding me really Doritos post


  8. Thu Apr 20 19:57:29 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Doritos Inquiry.

    @JuraraJupiter @Blackened_Dawn What are your thoughts on this? I think it's pretty neato and might get some imported.

    ruffles sour cream and onion ftw

  9. Thu Apr 20 13:02:43 2017

    @Cileklim So many great points, I'm glad that other players can see the faulty decisions. Thank you @cepheid for all the time you have spent creating this post. I also agree that some rules are confusing and should be written.

    elaborate, please. Agreeing with "faulty decision" doesnt help us at all, especially concerning @2Chill and @OtherGreenGamer ;

    You agree that we will never promote them or agree that its a mistake to wait?

    You agree we refuse without thought even though the threads linked have lenghty discussion between botg staff and players?

    As Crafty said, if no one tells you anything, how can it be fixed?

    @GrinningBobcat yes definitely but it goes back to my point that if they were cause for concern, why do i hear about it *now*, 2 months later? 2 months ago cepheid was still staff, i posted a picture of the totem, which can only be used once; i heard crickets. The only time @cepheid has ever approached me was when his thread was deleted due to rash jugement

  10. Wed Apr 19 19:45:09 2017

    @GrinningBobcat for the crates? I was mostly focused on eggs, and making sure the eggs weren't too op; the weapons were the least of my concerns

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