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  1. 18 hours ago
    Mon Jan 23 19:26:05 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Gonna be gone for a bit.

    how can u abandon ur fam like this sw

  2. 2 days ago
    Sun Jan 22 10:39:00 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Help Me Build A Town.

    @gilbertboys Does anyone remember MyneVille?


  3. 3 days ago
    Fri Jan 20 22:02:56 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in CraftyMynes Owner AMA.

    yet @CraftyMyner never visited me :(

  4. 6 days ago
    Tue Jan 17 18:12:01 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Why did i get banned?.

    You have been pardoned

  5. Tue Jan 17 17:13:33 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Griefing and Raiding .

    @_Haxington_ Do some of them build bases in creative mode?

    Some admins build in creative mode, but those are mostly protected since the blocks were not earned legitimately.

  6. Tue Jan 17 16:38:07 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Griefing and Raiding .

    @raw0rz Yes and no if you are good with some people on the server such as admin not saying any names or anything but most likely if you get on their bad side they may send someone to grief your base and make it look like someone randomly found it! It will only take a up to a few hours to a few days to happen but it will happen so make sure to kiss a lot of ass =)

    That's a very heavy accusation coming from somebody who isn't online very often. If you suspect an admin of doing so, instead of throwing accusations around, privately contact CraftyMyner on the forums and he will look into it and if the accusations are true, the admin will be immediately demoted and banned, just we have in 2015.

  7. last week
    Sun Jan 15 19:27:11 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in StuartD9's Ban Appeal.
    Any form of cheating will not be tolerated - This means anything that gives you an unfair advantage over players who are playing the game the way the game was intended to be played.

    Any form of cheating will result in a permanent ban.

    This appeal is denied, have fun on other servers.

  8. Sun Jan 15 19:24:58 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Floofytrainnerd Report.

    for it to be considered flying they would have be higher than 2 blocks, this can be easily be a regular jump in which the player itself timed out or lagged

  9. Sat Jan 14 17:35:59 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in Slimes are not spawning.

    @Cileklim So spawn rates are low to "encourage" us into voting?

    Oh yes 100% in vanilla there's a gamerule called "EncourageVote" and if set to true it fucks up the spawn rates congrats you caught us

  10. Sat Jan 14 17:34:13 2017
    Blackened_Dawn posted in CraftyMynes Seed.

    @Block_Head_Guy I was wondering what the world seed was so I could easily find a slime chunk

    That's exactly why we won't give it to you :)

    Only admins have access to the seed.

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