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  1. 10 hours ago
    Mon Nov 20 16:49:00 2017
    Dennari43 posted in Iron god-set.

    @MIMSoM Hi Friends! (Yes,. we're looking at you zevy03),.

    A piece of armor can have only one form of Protection, (Standard,Fire,Blast,Projectile) So a regular God set would look something like this,.

    Helm: Prot IV , Unb III , Repiration III , Aqua Affinity , Mending
    Chest: Prot IV , Unb III , Mending
    Legs: Prot IV , Unb III , Mending
    Boots: Prot IV , Unb III , Depth Strider III, Feather Falling IV , Mending

    Thorns III can be added to the chest and leg pieces, although most people don't want it included,. And of course the Prot IV can be swapped for a different form, ie: Fire Protection IV.

    This informative non-video has been brought to you by the fine folks at MimCo. That's MimCo. Accept no substitutes!!

    Thorns can be added to any armor piece, not just chest and leggings. Pvp armor set, it's a bad thing to include, but environmentally or to pester your friends when they hit you, it's a nice addition, just make sure to repair your armor frequently. It drains the durability quicker.

  2. 19 hours ago
    Mon Nov 20 07:02:23 2017
    Dennari43 posted in 100million ticks giveaway .

    I nominate @Julipukki cause she's awesome

  3. last week
    Mon Nov 13 14:16:54 2017
    Dennari43 posted in The Almighty Armor Thread.

    @thegoldsmith I wear no armor for the simple reason every time i have gotten some on the server i've died less than half an hour later and lose the armor. generally to a lava pit a creeper blew me into.

    You know what would fix that? Fire protection and Blast protection :)
    That exact thing happened to me after a long mining trip and I lost everything, god tools and armor, except for a random wooden button I had. After that, I always have at least one thing of fire and one thing of blast protection, just so I stand a chance.

  4. Mon Nov 13 14:14:06 2017
    Dennari43 posted in NerdNation's 6-Month Anniversary.

    @NerdieBirdieYT Wise words.

    Ignore him, @Dennari43 , he's just feeding off your frustration. I promise you can still be the bigger person here by just ignoring him, and you have full right to do so. (: Ooo, also, check out the armor thread... @HaloNest offered to make an edit for ya :D

    There's no point for an edit on my texture pack. Like I said, even with god armor on, I'm still paranoid. A pumpkin isn't going to resolve that lol

    And I only continue arguing cause it's good practice for communication skills and it helps me learn how to flesh out dumb characters in my stories better. However, is tactics devolve to basic nonsense quicker nowadays, so it's not as fun.

  5. Mon Nov 13 03:56:52 2017
    Dennari43 posted in The Almighty Armor Thread.

    @NerdieBirdieYT Hmmm, if you'd prefer to go armorless, but are worried about emdermen, may I suggest using a texture pack that makes wearing a pumpkin on your head actually bearable? No endermen worries that way :)

    Nah I'm addicted to the high resolution sphax texture pack. And even with the armor on, I'm still paranoid XD

  6. Mon Nov 13 03:48:26 2017
    Dennari43 posted in The Almighty Armor Thread.

    one day i want to make a god set of every type of armor, from leather to diamond, and then a wooden god sword

  7. Mon Nov 13 03:47:09 2017
    Dennari43 posted in NerdNation's 6-Month Anniversary.

    @SharpSerac well it's not a double standard if javon really has that head (which he does) so your argument is invalid. better luck next time bucko

    i beg to differ on that fun bit, ask a lot of people i bring excitement and fun into the game, it's unfortunate for you that your idea of fun is different from everyone else's though, but maybe you'll come around and see the truth!

    And Nerdie does in fact have god armor. So you're invalid. And it is still a double standard. The double standard has nothing to do with if the item is true or not. The double standard is that javon didn't have to prove it, but nerdie does. pls read my posts before commenting on them next time.

  8. Mon Nov 13 03:39:29 2017
    Dennari43 posted in The Almighty Armor Thread.

    I use dia god armor, but instead of protection all the way, 2 pieces have protection, 1 has fire protection, and 1 has blast protection. If you never pvp, this is the optimal environmental god set I have come up with. Nice protection from lava and fire, nice safeguard against creepers, and general protection to cover the rest. They also have thorns 3 to help get rid of pesky mobs quicker and to bug people that hit me. I have indeed killed people by them hitting me with them having little to no health left. Ideally, I'd go without armor, but spending all your time in the end makes you really paranoid about endermen killing you.

  9. Mon Nov 13 03:21:25 2017
    Dennari43 posted in NerdNation's 6-Month Anniversary.

    @SharpSerac if you can't see my motive behind my doing this and really think it's because i'm trying to create a "double standard" then you should really rethink everything you think you know about me bucko

    You're right, I'm sorry. I thought too far into it. I sometimes forget you're just an annoying troll that wants to ruin the fun of any good person that you don't like. I overthought it, won't happen again.

    And you weren't "trying to create" a double standard, you just happened to abide by one.

  10. Mon Nov 13 00:08:02 2017
    Dennari43 posted in NerdNation's 6-Month Anniversary.

    @javonjw @NerdieBirdieYT and why is my name in this

    He's simply using you as an example of the double standard sharp has between his friends and his enemies. It's no offense against you, he's just making the point that if one person doesn't have to prove themselves, then why does Nerdie?

    In all honesty, I still don't believe you have that one specific head people were arguing about. But that doesn't matter, because at the end of the day, it doesn't matter if I believe you or not. My opinion doesn't change the fact that you probably do have the head.

    Similarly here, Sharp's opinion doesn't matter, because his opinion doesn't change facts. Whether people believe Nerdie or not doesn't change anything. He does have god sets. And I can personally verify that Nerdie does have at least 1 full protection dia god set, considering I handed it to him a few minutes before his Anniversary event as a gift.

    And even tho I could post screenshots of the armor and logs to prove it, I won't. I'm a credible enough source on my own, especially for such a petty argument. And if you still wonder why I refuse, read this post again and figure it out.

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