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  1. 2 months ago
    Wed Dec 13 00:44:48 2023
    Dennari43 posted in Spawn Building Competition.

    @R3Dwidow still couldnt upload my submission to this contest

    Tutorial to upload pictures

  2. Thu Dec 7 03:48:46 2023
    Dennari43 posted in NE0GE0's ban appeal..

    The rules explicitly state what clients are allowed and what aren't. Disabling features would mean we'd have to rely solely on your word that you're not exploiting them. We allow other clients that assist in framerate and performance. We even provide links to them. You have no excuse for continuing to use a banned client and assuming that everyone will just believe you. If that seems harsh, I'm sorry, but you accepted our rules when you joined our server, saw that the client you were using wasn't allowed, and kept using it.

    This account will remain banned. Best of luck elsewhere.

  3. 5 months ago
    Thu Sep 21 14:48:41 2023
    Dennari43 posted in Crash_Rat_notsus's ban appeal.

    Our answer hasn't changed since last month. Please refer to your previous appeal for further explanation.

    Appeal denied.

  4. Thu Sep 21 14:38:45 2023
    Dennari43 posted in GoldenNuggets ban, sorry.

    A while back? It was a month ago.

    While I'm glad to hear you aren't enjoying cheating anymore, we don't unban hackers.

    Appeal denied.

  5. Thu Sep 21 05:29:48 2023

    Part of the problem is server list sites have allowed modded servers to call themselves vanilla and use that tag in searches, simply because they have a vanilla like survival mode. Doesn't matter that the server itself is heavily altered. And they get hundreds of people voting for them, which shoves us into obscurity. Not really fair, kind of like a superstore smothering out a mom and pop shop by advertising as a local business along side them.

  6. Mon Sep 11 03:04:32 2023
    Dennari43 posted in Leo's ban appeal.

    Given the circumstances of your ban and our revised approach to this particular situation, you will be unbanned. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  7. Thu Aug 31 04:36:08 2023
    Dennari43 posted in Cyclebyte's Ban Appeal.

    As much as we appreciate your honesty, we still don't unban hackers.
    Your account will remain banned.
    Best of luck elsewhere.

  8. 6 months ago
    Sun Aug 27 22:03:57 2023
    Dennari43 posted in Crash_Rat_notsus Ban appeal.

    Hello, I'm the one who banned you.

    We take hacking very seriously here. After much deliberation, you were determined to have used a modded client and hacked and were a threat to the integrity of our server.

    Appeal denied. Best of luck elsewhere.

  9. 7 months ago
    Wed Jul 26 21:19:49 2023
    Dennari43 posted in Quietalarm's ban appeal.

    8 years ago to be exact. Hopefully you've learned a thing or two since then.


  10. Fri Jun 30 14:37:47 2023
    Dennari43 posted in HooiHoed's ban appeal.

    From the time of the posting of the reply in your ban appeal, yes.

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