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  1. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Aug 26 17:09:03 2022
    Dennari43 posted in idk.

    Please follow the proper ban appeal format here .

  2. 2 months ago
    Sun Jul 17 21:08:57 2022
    Dennari43 posted in davidsenduk's Ban Appeal.

    You should be set.

  3. 3 months ago
    Tue Jul 5 20:27:16 2022
    Dennari43 posted in sprucebrine's ban appeal.

    I hope you've spent the last few days of your ban reading up on our rules, which I doubt you did before, seeing as spamming chat is number 3 on that list. Please practice better chat etiquette in the future and be respectful of the other players online. Considering it's been a few days since your ban, I'll go ahead and unban you now.

  4. Tue Jun 28 01:43:22 2022
    Dennari43 posted in Lavacast at Big Dig.

    Massive grief is subject to be cleaned if found.

  5. 4 months ago
    Tue May 10 21:31:07 2022
    Dennari43 posted in I am blocked.

    Try logging in again. The server auto detects and bans VPNs and sometimes gets it wrong. If at all where you're at a VPN is being used, make sure it's off before logging in.

  6. 5 months ago
    Tue Apr 19 04:29:08 2022
    Dennari43 posted in Ban appeal.

    Hi there, you must be really talented then. Considering I watched you for quite a while and you just kept finding things that you shouldn't have been able to see. You could say it was luck the first time, but not the second or third or fourth time. Anyhow, cheating is something we take very seriously on this server.

    Appeal denied. Best of luck elsewhere.

  7. Sun Apr 17 23:31:03 2022
    Dennari43 posted in LifelongStew7's Ban Appeal.

    You should be good now to log in.

  8. Sun Apr 17 23:28:39 2022
    Dennari43 posted in I303am ban appeals.

    You should be good now. Try logging in again.

  9. Sun Apr 10 03:37:31 2022
    Dennari43 posted in spam ban appeal.

    We have rules for a reason. If you break them, you face the consequences. I would recommend reading our rules more thoroughly and listening to warnings in the future.
    You have been pardoned.

  10. 6 months ago
    Sat Apr 2 20:20:10 2022
    Dennari43 posted in vpn ban appeal.

    You should be good to log in now. Please remember to turn your VPN off in the future.

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