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  1. 2 weeks ago
    Fri Sep 8 13:20:34 2017
    Dennari43 posted in Villager breeder.

    Here's an older thread that has a few different ways of setting one up.

  2. 3 weeks ago
    Wed Aug 30 20:05:26 2017
    Dennari43 posted in Hand-Drawn Texture Pack Updates!.

    This is becoming more and more amazing every time I check in on it. I'm definitely gonna try the pack out once it's done.

  3. Mon Aug 28 20:46:23 2017
    Dennari43 posted in Move End portal from spawn.

    I like the portal at spawn, but I do think there could be improvement with its location. The portal room is literally the first thing anyone sees when they go to spawn. If it was moved to a side, or only accessible through a teleport pad similar to the one that sends you to the trading area, it might deter random new players from immediately seeing a pretty portal perfectly centered in a room just waiting to be explored while driving up their entity count along the way. And my enderman grinder works far better than I even want it to sometimes, often completely oblivious to how many players are online, and it's not even a good grinder compared to others.
    On the pvp side of this debate, if the end portal was in the wild and unprotected, I would never go to it, even with god armor and any kind of health or invis pot. Because, knowing the pvpers and established campers/noob killers on this server, there is a near 100% guarantee that a camper will be there, ready to tp in his friends and kill whoever is just trying to get some epearls. That's not pvp, that's a slaughter. It's unfair and would shift control specifically to the pvp-oriented and the long term players who have the best gear. The question some of you keep bringing up for self-esteem boosting tactics that you so desire would not be "who has the egg?" but instead "who owns the portal?" or something along those lines. Because the day the portals are made unsafe is the day they become property to those who can best fight. They become off limits to literally everyone else.

  4. Mon Aug 28 15:21:46 2017

    I've gone 40k before with elytra. All I can say is it's terrifying and thrilling. Some advice for elytra users, try to only use the lowest level fireworks, cause more likely you'll waste a lot of the boost trying to turn around in dead ends you can't see until you're almost there. It's also fun when you hit a complete dead end and fly under a super low area that is like 3 block from lava, which I had to do a few times. Highly recommend if you have fire protection armor or potions. Lots of nether fortress exploring is guaranteed.

  5. 5 weeks ago
    Tue Aug 15 18:11:59 2017
    Dennari43 posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    @Grassling And for the 50th time I was never warned for simply using personal names I was warned for revealing personal information. If you could please stop ignoring this detail and address it it would be appreciated.

    Were you giving out other information that pertained to his person? Were you mentioning his height? Weight? Background? Other irl info about him? If not, then by process of elimination, the name revealing is the only personal information you were using and you should have easily been able to figure that out, as it is info about him personally. And it is not public knowledge. Despite my many, many hours spent on CM and even talking directly with Vene, I never knew his real name. Probably less than 1% of the entire CM community was now aware of his name, and that's with the assumption everyone was paying attention to chat and knew who Juli was talking about in the first place. It's probably a smaller percentage with the amount of players that have been on versus can be on at a time. And considering I would only be able to learn his name still by either asking him or a close friend that also knows his name, it's not public info. What you're considering public is like hearing a person in a crowd calling a person by name and then assuming, because you overheard that name, you have a right to call them that as well without their permission or even talking to them about it. This is not a perfect example, but it's fairly to the point.

    @GrandpaCarl00 Gotta remember, names are used all the time, people don't have to constantly ask '' Can I use your name? ''

    Names are given out all the time, facebook, dinner reservations, dating sites, going to your mom or friends house, school, getting pulled over by cops?

    Should all of those people need to ask ''Do I have permission to use your name?''

    facebook- They ask for your name and you willingly give it.
    dinner reservations- They ask for your name and you willingly give it.
    dating sites- They ask for your name and you willingly give it.
    going to your mom's house- That's your mom, they gave you your name.
    friends house- That's your friend, you gave them permission when you met and became friends.
    school- They ask for your name and you willingly give it.
    pulled over by cops- They ask for your name and you willingly give it.

    this situation- They did not ask. You did not give permission or even tell them your name. They found out your name and used it without your permission.

  6. Tue Aug 15 07:35:16 2017
    Dennari43 posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    @Grassling @Dennari43 you say we need to stop taking jabs at staff but you explicitly just called me an angry kid which I see as a jab in itself.

    I was not referring to you. Not all vague comments are directed at you personally. I mentioned you near the end of my speech and that was I I have to say about you. You are not the topic I'm concerned about.

    The reason you were banned? I don't know exactly, like I said. But it appears to be many little reasons that add up to be a big reason, like a swarm of bees attacking you versus a giant dog biting you. One is many little things, the other one big thing, both do harm. That's about as simple as I can explain it.

    @Grassling When staff were addressed with in this forum originally by berdie i believe he also said the problem was a bunch of things but he was asked to explain in order to effectively communicate an understanding. Maybe you could try do so yourself unless you just decided to communicate in a conversation you lack knowledge of and are therefore not defending an argument but instead a side.(staff)

    The amount of rudeness makes it hard not to be sarcastic, but I'll refrain from that, as it seems it's too much for most to understand. I mentioned many topics, not all of them are answers, I did not mention every topic. I spent an hour reading this mess of a mosh pit and I forgot some things I wanted to say when I got to a point I could start typing. So I am very sorry if I did not mention everything you wanted me to. I touched on the topics I had something significant to say on. Nothing more. And there is no real argument here. There's your situation, which you, yourself, have said this is not about, so you're case doesn't matter from here on out. The rest of this is, as I said, a small group of upset people calling out staff. The only options here are to say "yes, I think staff are bad and toxic and should be fixed" or "i think staff is in the right here". So there really only are the two options of which "side" you want to believe. I chose mine. And if you're issue is that I'm not being specific, remember, I spent an hour reading this. I got to the party late. I didn't get out my note pad and start sketching out my essay with each comment in mind with a full rebuttal and everything. It's 3 AM and I don't have the time to note everyone's views and whether I agree or disagree with them all. I said what I wanted to say. And considering almost everything I said has more to do with character and less with physical facts, I don't have to be specific or site evidence, as it is from my experience learning and hanging around staff and this server. There is no direct evidence for me to site, as I'm noting personalities and mindsets, not moments in time. My post is not intended to resolve the situation, but give my opinion in hopes to lead to a resolution, which is apparently hopeless considering your immediate harsh response to it. You're just encouraging the soap box metaphor.

    @Grassling i want my opinion to be heard without "backlash" because if staff members expect respect they should be exemplary.

    How can we be exemplary when we have customers like you? Rude, insulting, saying they want a resolution but all they do is stir up more heat. We're human, just like you. Did my comment sting? Did it make you upset? I feel like it did. It should. I'd be upset if someone called me out in such a mean way, which you did. That's all this is. While Nerdie is trying his best not to devolve to this state and reduce this thread to insults and fighting, which I do respect, that's what it will end up being.

    And staff deserve respect because they already earned it. That's why they're staff. They showed they can hold the server's interests at heart while maintaining chat and doing everything else staff do. That's how we get picked, get promoted, become admin. We prove that we deserve it. Staff already deserve respect from players, especially the admins and mods. They do so much for this server just to have trolls and hackers and utterly terrible people come along and mess with what they've done. None of us are perfect. You can't expect us to be exemplary. We do the best we can, sometimes we mess up. I'm not denying that. But if you want a staff member to be perfect, then just go ahead and quit minecraft, cause you're never going to find a perfect staff member(that's not an AI) anywhere.

  7. Tue Aug 15 06:16:55 2017
    Dennari43 posted in Opinions -- Grassling and More.

    Well, now that I've spent the last hour reading through this, I think I can gather some opening and closing remarks from my experience. And yes, I am staff. That does not make my opinion worthless on the topic of staff. I have been a player far longer than a helper and I became a helper because I like the staff and the community we used to be and I want to keep it alive. First off, a common thing I read here has to do with staff being rude. I personally don't understand why so many people can't understand sarcasm. Some staff are direct with their reasoning and responses, some are sarcastic. That doesn't make them wrong or unjustified, it just means they have a different approach. And with my time on the server, I've noticed that the players who often get themselves banned after a few months(or even a few minutes) because they subtly push the boundaries every once in a while are usually the ones that get the most heated about sarcastic staff. Sarcasm given to a troll can easily be twisted into claiming staff abuse. I've been on the server many times when a staff member responds sarcastically to a player. Would I have said that? No. Are they wrong? No. Every instance I can remember, the staff member is completely in the right. They may not be a model of customer service, but typically the person they're responding to is some form of trouble maker or otherwise shows signs that they won't be hanging around much longer. Sometimes people just need to learn to take a joke. We don't always want to put "lol" at the end of our sentences to show we're not serious or being rude. This more or less feels like The Big Bang Theory episode where Leonard has to make a "sarcasm" sign because Sheldon simply cannot process when Leonard is being sarcastic. That's pretty much what "lol" is, a sign that we're joking. We don't always put "lol", people. It doesn't mean we're serious. Granted, I don't know every situation, I could be wrong, this is purely from what I've seen over a few years.

    And going back to an earlier, smaller topic about the views here, now at almost 700. It really doesn't show opinion, guys. You want to know why it's so high? It's drama. It's juicy gossip that almost no one can resist. It's like turning on the tv and finding out two big celebrities are calling each other out. Most people are gonna stay tuned and watch the crap out of that news channel. A lot of the views are from people that honestly couldn't care less. If they did care, they'd post something or otherwise make their opinion known. Yes, some people just are too afraid to post and get barked at for speaking, but a lot is just drama watching with no intention of making their opinions known. I know, I've been that person many a time.

    I'd also like to point out that staff do care about what you guys suggest. We do read your posts, even if we don't comment on them. We do think about them. I love reading suggestions, sometimes putting my two cents in, sometimes storing it in memory for a later date when that topic becomes important again. The players of this community are what make us necessary, for better and for worse. Without the community, Craftymynes is just an empty server. So we do care and we want to make you happy. That's why we spend so much time making fun stuff for the server and trying to keep it as clean as we can.

    And if there is anything here that I feel should be stressed, it's that staff are human too. It was mentioned a few times, but not enough. We're just people. We have lives, we have friends, we have closer-than-friends. We date, we live, we get upset, we make mistakes, we learn, we do better. That's what human is. Don't expect us to be perfect. This isn't a job for us, it's willingly sacrificing our time to allow you guys to have fun. We do make mistakes, and I have seen many times when staff have apologized and resolved a situation because they knew they were wrong. I'm not saying that we should be absolved of our mistakes, but understand that we have a right to defend ourselves if we think we don't deserve this kind of complaint against us. In some situations, it can be a complete grey area, which makes for a very difficult justification on either end and the only resolution is that staff get final say.

    In Vene's case, if someone knew my real name and said it in open chat, I would be upset too, especially when I never said they could. This isn't real life. This is the internet. We chose our names here and expect to be addressed by them. Vene wants to be addressed by the name he chose for you to see, not the one someone said and you picked up on. Whether for the sake of his choice in name, or for the sake of respecting staff, you should never call someone by any name other than what they have approved of. Just because someone can say something doesn't mean everyone can. And it has nothing to do with staff. If someone learns you're name and is calling you out in open chat with it and you told them not to, that's disrespectful and feel free to talk to staff about it. This shouldn't be blown out of proportion just because they are both staff, because anyone has a right to keep their name private, or at least have it not be used. I think the ban was justified, for many mini reasons that added up to be a big reason. Maybe that's why some people are arguing over technicality of the ban. The reason chosen was not the entirety of it, but a small part of a bigger whole. But like I said, it's a lot of grey area between personal info, respect, and previous issues. None of us are going to learn exactly what was going through their heads when it went down or afterwards. I don't know the full story, but from what I've seen, this is my best opinion of it and until visual proof is given to show otherwise, this will remain my opinion.

    Edit: Also, may I point out how because we are human, we are far less likely to take into consideration your opinions when put into a thread full of insults towards staff. Some complaints are legitimate, but a few of them are just jabs at staff for no reason other than annoyed kids who got in trouble for breaking rules. If you want your opinion heard without backlash, please, please, PLEASE, do a pm to staff and not create another witchhunt. What this is is a few upset people standing on a soap box in a public place and shouting complaints to the general public instead of taking it up with the people in charge themselves. Much like a public group of upset people, these threads always turn more into a riot than a resolution. You know how riots end? With those in charge suppressing the riot and no change is made. If you want change, get off your soap box and talk to the staff personally, not to the itching crowd waiting for a bite of action.

    Please don't take any of this with ill will. This is my opinion and what I believe. If you have a rational reasoning for otherwise, feel free to think otherwise. We're all just human here.

  8. 2 months ago
    Wed Jul 12 08:03:12 2017
    Dennari43 posted in Caught Crafty v2.

    The title should be changed to "How Many Selfies With Staff Can Rybye Get"

  9. 4 months ago
    Sat May 6 22:32:13 2017
    Dennari43 posted in New Forum Rank Tags!.

    Very nice, gg Crafty!

  10. Sat May 6 00:33:31 2017
    Dennari43 posted in Caught Crafty v2.

    @Carl_Sagan1 i always see staff around and i saw Crafty a couple of times. i didn't know this was a thing. should i take a snap of them?

    Go for it. Currently it's a solo game for Rybye, but any non staff can jump in and share the glory. Here's the updated list.

    Yet to be caught(Loner Staff) :

    CraftyMyner Server Owner
    AP0C4L1P53 Admin
    Blackened_Dawn Admin
    GibsonAxe Admin
    grantbanana Admin
    rnc2011 Admin
    Dannysharks Mod Level 2
    Beedobi Helper
    MizoreShirayuki Helper
    PapaNeon Helper
    Slattern Helper
    Thegoldsmith Helper
    Kinkybobo Helper

    Wall of Losers - R4:
    Venetorem Mod Level 2 (Retrochewy) (Wallows in salt)
    BaronBattleBread Admin (Retrochewy)
    ryleeraee Admin (Blueplauge)
    Nysic Admin (Blueplauge)
    2Chill Mod Level 2(Rybye)
    cepheid Helper (Riemory)
    Skylalia Admin(Dennari)
    Tez1010 Mod Level 1 (Kinkyboss)
    WBlaine Mod Level 1 (Rybye)
    Cellexya Mod Level 1 (Rybye)
    Jellybon Helper(Rybye)
    R4IsNub1 Mod Level 3(failed despite his own assurance he'd win) (Rybye)
    Tezzer Mod Level 1 (Rybye)
    InubHD Admin (Dennari)
    EnderConstructor Helper (Rybye)
    Dennari43 Helper (Rybye)
    CreeperLord170 Mod Level 2 (Rybye)
    Kinkyboss Helper (Rybye)
    Blueplauge Helper (Rybye)

    Number of Catches per Player:
    Blueplauge-2 (n/a-helper)
    Dennari-2 (n/a-helper)
    Kinkyboss-1 (n/a-helper)

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