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  1. 2 months ago
    Thu Mar 26 10:35:27 2020
    kinkyboss started the conversation kinkyboss ban appeal.

    In game name: Kinkyboss

    Reason for ban: detected proxy/ VPN

    Why i should be unbanned: I tried to log in on my laptop while waiting at the Airport, which got me detected as a proxy/ VPN. I'm home now and would like to play again.

  2. last year
    Fri Mar 15 13:20:14 2019
    kinkyboss posted in Cloud9 / CraftyMuseum.

    I would love a showcase of all the items there at some point :D

  3. Sat Jun 9 10:15:01 2018
    kinkyboss posted in Hi Guys, Long time no see!.

    welcome back buddy :D

  4. 2 years ago
    Thu Mar 29 23:42:59 2018
    kinkyboss posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    Absolutely fabulous

  5. Fri Jan 19 11:17:00 2018

    i think what is being meant here is that the FAQ doesn't state anything about losing/ replacing your armour. (that may be something that needs to be updated)
    To however start acusing R4 for lying about it is a bit far fetched in my oppinion.

  6. Sun Jan 14 17:47:48 2018
    kinkyboss posted in Mister's map art.

    would you also provide custom designs? for a good payment of course ;)

  7. Sun Jan 14 17:11:42 2018
    kinkyboss posted in Mister's map art.

    I'll buy one!

  8. 3 years ago
    Tue May 9 02:35:34 2017
    kinkyboss posted in Retrochewy's Lottery.

    I'll enter too

  9. Fri Apr 21 02:17:13 2017
    kinkyboss posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    @BluePlauge -image-

    Sorry @kinkyboss but yes it was haircut time. But if it makes you feel better it was immediately donated to Angel Hair for Kids to be made into a wig. Now my lame hideous man bun, can be some childs ponytail. Short story, I lost my cousin Misty to Cancer when I was 14, my grampa Doug to Cancer when I was about 18, then 2 years ago I lost my Gramma again to Cancer. I decided that I wanted to do something, anything to help. But I'm not overly talented or skilled at anything to help bring awareness but I could grow my hair and give it away. I figured it's literally the least I can do since I'm actually stopping something I'm already doing, cutting my hair. I will admit there were times when I wanted to march into my bathroom and cut it all off because I've never really had log hair before, and it's super annoying. But I'm so happy today after giving it away. Knowing it's gonna make some kid somewhere happy. I'm not done yet though, I'm going to start again today and grow it out for round 2. Last time it took 2 years to grow... hopefully it doesn't take that long again. And hopefully I don't look as bad as I think with short hair now. I don't look the same any more.

    That's a noble thing to do man, i respect that :)

  10. Thu Apr 20 12:46:52 2017
    kinkyboss posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    please don't get a haircut please don't get a haircut please don't get a haircut.......

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