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    ^ this :D

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    [quote=83862:@HaloNest]Same I found this really strange video I can't partly explain.


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    Perhaps make something that doesnt have such a spectrum of colors, as Halo said, its a bit painful to the eyes really. You could also try and make a bit more interesting banner design and not only a logo aswell. (Ik you have the one with the bird face but that ones a bit plain if u ask me).

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    Damn thats amazing

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    Great editing mate :)

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    Am i the only one who is just hyped about the BARK blocks? :) (and the fact that u will be able to place regular chests next to eachother).

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    Thu Dec 21 10:00:34 2017
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    What a lovely place :) Love what you did with the ravine and the decorations with flowers on the side!

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    Day 4 ; 10th December 2017
    Farms, Beginnings of the Base and a villager breeder
    I dont have the best tools on the ready yet so mining wont be easy yet until i get somewhat of a decent enchant on this pick or make a good hammer from Tinkers.
    Heres how the place will look for starters. I decided it was the right moment to start moving the villagers from the village i found.
    While i was making the railway system from the village to my base i killed an endermen that dropped the block it was holding. Decided to keep the grass block as a memento of some sort.
    Always been stuborn when it comes to using minecarts :/
    I decided just to take the farmers and 1 cleric so i could make a nice breeder for starters.
    The tunnel i had to make via nether wasnt awfully long, it was just 60-70 blocks or so luckily.
    This is how my room looked like after it got populated and lit up.
    I kinda took them away from their homes but they'll get use to it in my little cave.
    It was the time to make a villager breeder for all my needs for the yawning traders with big noses. These were the materials ya need for it, so it isn't anything special really.
    Heres a Before & After of the place i decided to build it at. (right next to my base entrance, might move it in the future).
    Turn around or close your eyes if you dont wanna see stuff like this.
    First baby villager i get is a blacksmith, which is equally nice as if i got a white coat! :) Anyways the design is supposed to make baby villagers every 10 minutes or so which is really nice (It needs mobGriefing to be true to work sadly).
    Heres a nice sunset pic i managed to take while i was building the breeder.
    After that i just made a simple crop farm and a Tinkers Smeltery.
    (Life's alot easier with these than auto furnace arrays).
    While i was doing that i managed to accumulate quite a few villagers and i brought them inside of my base to be safe from zombies.
    Got 2 Cartographers and another cleric :)
    Figured it'd be nice to explore caves around my place in hopes of finding a mineshaft or a dungeon and i got pretty lucky!
    You can see the little piece of mossy cobble hiding in the corner, and i almost missed it!
    Im really sorry again for the delay i made between chapters, i'll try to post them as much as i can, theres gonna be alot of good stuff in the future :)
    Thanks for reading and have a nice day!
    P.S. I forgot i stumbled upon this small island that had these sakura trees. Wish it was a bigger forest but was only this sadly. :)

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