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    Wed Jul 15 10:15:50 2020
    EnderConstructor posted in voting not working.

    I will do that from now on, thank you ever so much!

  2. Tue Jul 14 09:27:39 2020
    EnderConstructor posted in voting not working.

    @CraftyMyner I have another Issue, yesterday I DID vote on all four sites but upon logging in I did not get any magic meat nor any notifications that I have voted, I tried logging in later multiple times later that day but still nothing. Now when I voted today and logged in, I got the magic meat and notification that I voted, but my 20 day streak has went down the drain. Is there anything you could do about this?

  3. Tue Jun 30 14:56:31 2020
    EnderConstructor posted in Server Hardware Upgrade Planned.

    Thank you for the update Crafty, much appreciated!

  4. Sun Jun 28 08:33:46 2020
    EnderConstructor posted in Morality poll.

    No I would never kill somebody who was helping me out, ironically enough, my first kill(and only one) was an accident when the player im teamed with jumped infront of me while I was trying to hit a skeleton :(

  5. Thu Jun 25 22:11:00 2020
    EnderConstructor posted in Flexecution!!!.


  6. Thu Jun 25 13:49:12 2020
    EnderConstructor posted in Flexecution!!!.

    When you say nether spawn do u mean the one under actual spawn or the dimension itself?

  7. Tue Jun 23 16:05:20 2020
    EnderConstructor posted in There's Something In The Air....

    Can't wait to join :)

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    Tue Sep 18 04:50:38 2018
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  9. Wed Aug 29 10:00:44 2018
    EnderConstructor posted in Humfry's House of Color 3.0 ?.

    I'd love a new House of Color :D If you decide to do so, i shall be a loyal customer. Also Corals wouldnt be a problem for ya since they are renewable now!

  10. Wed Jun 20 07:57:26 2018
    EnderConstructor posted in Word Association.


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