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    Sun Oct 28 17:54:31 2018
    Julipukki posted in I'm back :).

    Welcome back, HustL!

  2. 9 months ago
    Fri Sep 14 16:52:12 2018

    @TimmyBoyT Wow, what a base! I always feel like a loser after seeing what other people make. My base is just a bug hole ;/

    We got you covered, Timmy! You're our Honorary Member :)
    We'll fancy your bug hole in no time :D

  3. Fri Sep 14 05:54:05 2018
    Julipukki started the conversation Anxiety Support Group 1.12 Village Tour.

    Hello! 1.13 was released not too long ago, and, as we get busy building our new Village, we can't help but feeling nostalgic and excited to share with you all one of our main home last map! We are now bringing all of you along to our 1.12 Village tour!

    I now present you the best and largest low-key, friendly and (sometimes) family oriented faction on the server. Yes, Anxiety Support Group is a thing and we have been standing strong for almost two years. I'm the proud leader of 17 amazing and talented players. All our members are long term players on the server; A good chunk of us are staff and VIP/MVPs. Together we are family.
    We do not recruit. (っ◕‿◕)っ♥


    Our members are: Julipukki, Tweakerzoid, Venetorem, Argail, 1Lysander, Sirchristopher10, Th3GreenGamer, Alarmgv12, Shiba_Ina, RNC, HoomanResources, Jindae, Custard_309, Wblaine, _MasterDragon_, iClutchHD and Bananaqueen1.
    >>BAHBAHBOY forever in our hearts. ♥

    ╬ A BIG thanks to Jindae for kindly recording this tour and to Hooman for editing it! An extra thanks for censoring all the f*cks in Richard's song! ╬

    By the power of the tree we are one.
    In block we trust.
    The Queen

  4. 11 months ago
    Sat Jun 30 14:58:21 2018
    Julipukki posted in RTP Pimp and Trap.

    Lol I had no idea you meant you were doing a video when you said you were going to start recording XD
    Much fun hanging with you and breaking your glass! We should do it again soon :D

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  6. Mon Apr 2 01:17:24 2018
    Julipukki posted in The Fallen King.

    I respect you deyahruhd! We shall make you the next king! I'll spread the word.

    Sorry for ganging up on you but thanks for not logging! You did show bravery and honor sticking with the fun. It was a really fun day and we only had advantage cause we all were on when it happened and we mined the dia from lottory sign dry :)


  7. Sun Apr 1 08:52:48 2018
    Julipukki posted in Team Eye is quitting CraftyMynes.

    *grabs popcorn*

  8. Thu Mar 22 02:57:51 2018
    Julipukki posted in The Shout-Out Section.

    Shoutout to @_Humanoid_ 's mom for letting him ride a bike

  9. Mon Mar 19 17:15:09 2018
    Julipukki posted in The Shout-Out Section.

    Shoutout to @_Humanoid_ for nap time

  10. Fri Mar 2 21:17:51 2018
    Julipukki posted in The Shout-Out Section.

    Shout out to @_Humanoid_ for losing his beloved horse "Free Real Estate"

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