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  1. 3 months ago
    Sat Dec 28 13:03:48 2019
    iiJmcFTW started the conversation itzjojo/jordaannnn ban appeal.

    i was unbanned 6 months ago after my appeal but im still banned?
    ign itzjojo (jordaannnn)
    can someone unaban me

  2. 3 years ago
    Mon Nov 21 19:06:41 2016
    iiJmcFTW started the conversation Ban appeal.

    ign- was something like itzJojo or something, sorry i changed it a while back.

    reason for ban- not that i remember perfectly but it was for getting banned too many times i believe.

    why i should be un banned- look im here because i just recently got back into minecraft after months out and i know its a long shot asking to be un banned but it was like 7 months back and im sorry, even if i cant be unbanned its fine but its worth a shot and tbh i miss playing here

  3. Mon Nov 21 19:05:15 2016
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