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    Sat May 11 05:32:29 2019
    Cankicker8 posted in Team Eye Application 1.13 Reset.

    @MisticKnight Age: 15
    When did you first join CraftyMynes?: August of 2018
    What is your tick count?: 200,000
    How experienced are you in PVP?: I am pretty bad at pvp but I can improve
    How do you like to play the game?: I like to explore and collect resources
    Tell us about yourself: I am a chill child but I can get very angry, not a lot of ppl like me :/
    What do you like about Team Eye?: They are close to the best people on the server lol
    Why do you want to join?: so I can be help out people and all that lol
    What do you bring to the table?: I can collect a lot of resources and make us big bucks
    What sets you apart from the other applicants?: I am a god :P

    welcome to nerd nation

  2. Fri May 10 20:36:06 2019
    Cankicker8 posted in Ban boats until the 1.14.1 update.

    why would you want boats to move villagers if the boats are going to despawn the villagers anyway

  3. Fri May 10 20:21:39 2019
    Cankicker8 posted in Ban boats until the 1.14.1 update.

    kill all boats

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    Wed Feb 20 05:57:12 2019
    Cankicker8 posted in Team Eye Application 1.13 Reset.


  5. Wed Feb 20 05:52:47 2019
    Cankicker8 posted in Team Eye Application 1.13 Reset.

    Do you like PVP? Do you like raiding? Do you like to grief? Do you like handing out fat L's to all the BK novices of the server? Look no further than the richest and most powerful faction on the server! Team Eye is a band of the greatest players to ever grace the server. Think you have what it takes? Apply now!
    Join Team Eye Modded Today!

    Current Roster:
    Leader: stevenibba
    Owner: 2Chill
    Looking for:

    Experienced Craftymynes player (no new players)
    hello i joined last week or was it nearly 3 years ago i have alzheimers
    Above Average Minecraft knowledge

    one time i spawned in a creeper then asked my older brother to make it an electric creeper (like my electronic music xDDD)

    18 or older

    im actually 9 but hopefully you can multiply by 2

    Must have mic and must talk on discord

    im actually mut
    Building, redstone, and artistic skills give you a big bonus

    i can make a redstone clock or is it a gold clock i cnt remember
    Fill out application below and make a private msg with me, SharpSerac, and iwarriiori to apply for the faction.

    but im doing it here


    i just said im 8

    When did you first join CraftyMynes?:
    this application is repetitive

    What is your tick count?:
    im too lazy to check

    How experienced are you in PVP?:
    i mean its hard to tell but i think i've killed someone before idk might have been my alt

    How do you like to play the game?:
    on a computer with a mouse and keyboard. sometimes with a moniter too

    Tell us about yourself (anything you'd like us to know, or general information about hobbies etc.):

    as you know im famous and you should all subscribe to my youtube channel where we dont think twice about our actions and havent made a sane decision in our life

    Why do you want to join?:
    sharpserac beats me

    What skills do you bring to the table?:
    well on OSRS i have almost 40 magic so i can at least telegrab things for gp

    You may also comment below if you have questions about the application or the faction.

    why does sharpserac beat me

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    Mon Nov 19 06:12:48 2018
    Cankicker8 posted in Jurania: Apply Here!.

    whats up gamers
    "How long have you been on CraftyMynes? Tell us if you've been here for years, just rejoined after a while, or just started!"
    been here for just over 2 years
    "What are your strengths? I.E. Building, redstone, PvP, resource gathering, etc."
    im pretty shit at pvp but im OK at redstone and i guess alright at getting resources
    'What are your weaknesses?"
    broke as fuck lads
    "Are you currently in a faction? If so, which one?"
    not in a faction, used to be in SC before it died. then i became inactive and set as "friend". either the discord was deleted because it was dead as fuck or i was kicked for some unknown reason.
    "What is your age?"
    15. im like an elder compared to all these 14 year old scrubs
    "How often are you online?"
    cheeseburger. ill answer this later
    "What is your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?"
    huge projects and harmless pranks/"transformations" of builds

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    this thing still exists?

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    aww its on the 27th. Ill be gone to quebec by the 25th :(

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    Cankicker8 posted in CraftyMynes YouTube Series!.

    11/10 extra points given for explosions in the thumbnail

  10. Mon Jul 31 23:25:04 2017

    Not i single capital letter in the title of this thread. I'm legally triggered.

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