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    Mon Mar 27 12:09:07 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in Green's Spark and Splash.

    @iDogeTwinkie Ain't no body got time fo' dat!

    It's cheap shit

  2. 9 hours ago
    Mon Mar 27 11:22:20 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in What other games you play.

    A little mobile game called "Soul Knight" that you can play offline and it's worth the install. I've had it for 3 months and I still haven't passed the 2nd dungeon

  3. Mon Mar 27 11:17:08 2017

    @Cellexya Dawn stops even memes.


  4. 19 hours ago
    Mon Mar 27 00:59:07 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in Something big is coming....

    Towel gang pulls the strings in CM

  5. Mon Mar 27 00:56:27 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in video editing software.

    I've browsered around and filmora is getting good reviews. I simply have a witty video in mimd and like to make it myself. I've got a friend with editing software and I see enough videos on filmora that make me get the gist of how it works. I'll save up to get it. Thanks guys ^_^ any tips and techniques I suppose I should be asking for?

  6. yesterday
    Sun Mar 26 15:33:22 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in Something big is coming....

    @Pimpcy Godfathers are usually second to be lined up after the father
    makes no sense for him to be the leader

    He just wants to be a dad

    noun: godfather; plural noun: godfathers

    1. a man who presents a child at baptism and promises to take responsibility for their religious education.
    2. a man who is influential or pioneering in a movement or organization.

    "the godfather of alternative comedy"
    a person directing an illegal organization, especially a leader of a Mafia family.

    Towel Daddy

  7. Sun Mar 26 14:53:37 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in Age?.

    @Retrochewy Riddle for my age: take the teeny planet, count the year, divide by the first 1 digit cube after 5

    .-. Boi.
    Dwarf planets qualify?
    Year of the planet or current earth year?
    What does "first 1 digit cube after 5" even mean???

  8. Sun Mar 26 14:48:38 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in Sugarcane farm.


  9. Sun Mar 26 14:47:18 2017

    @Blackened_Dawn This is the last time I see a thread like this.

    Its a meme. You don't stop memes. They fester and die out

  10. Sun Mar 26 14:46:13 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in Something big is coming....

    Is that the towel mafia leader?

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