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    Tue Aug 8 01:09:53 2017
    GrinningBobcat started the conversation Hi.

    I still exist I'm just taking a break, saying it for those that care. The rest. meh.

  2. 4 weeks ago
    Sat Jul 22 04:15:54 2017

    @humfrydog Sell my babies Never!!
    But I will give them away or help anyone who asks, lol

    I'd sell em

  3. Thu Jul 20 16:29:55 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in correlation between trolls and hacking.

    "Trolls are people too" lol, trolls find enjoyment in defying authority, no better place to do it than the internet

  4. Thu Jul 20 16:19:19 2017

    Lmao people are die hard for your builds dude, sell em

  5. Thu Jul 20 16:14:52 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in How many factions are there?.

    Now the real question which is the biggest? Is SC still the goliath?

  6. 5 weeks ago
    Fri Jul 14 23:52:26 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in Soviet's Build Competition!.

    Shiiit I would've participated but I'm in Costa Rica rn ;-; also I'm and need to buy a cheap god set with tools ;-;

  7. Fri Jul 14 04:06:32 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in What do you do for a living? (Or Hobby).

    Welp my life's complete, I know where I'm going in life.
    @SovietSuperman_ sign me the fuck up, I can live and die in space and be happy no matter how or what comes my way

  8. Thu Jul 13 23:55:14 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in What do you do for a living? (Or Hobby).

    @ghostassasin81 You looking to join the air force?

    And I'm gonna try to get into i think the video Game buisness in school hopefully that will work and im gonna try the YouTube aspect of gaming as well also try animation btw I'm starting high school in a month

    Rotc doesnt necessarily mean going to join the military but I'm contemplating it, I mainly want to be something in the sciences: Engineering, Astronomy (or Astrophysics), Bio-Engineering, Biology, Marine Biology, Aerodynamics. Something like that, either spacey flying shit, shit i get to build, or fucking around with life.

  9. Tue Jul 11 09:11:07 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in The Holy Order of the Bread .

    So many nublets

  10. Tue Jul 11 08:56:37 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in ALTF4 Founded.

    *in thick russian ascent* @Rybye it seems you have many enemies my fellow meme comrade

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