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  1. yesterday
    Thu Apr 27 22:55:59 2017

    All this can't be that serious. When people start making big paragraphs i stop reading because it just means it's getting out of hand and it'll lead to misinterpretations

  2. 2 days ago
    Wed Apr 26 20:45:22 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in I have quit the server for a while.

    @_Haxington_ bye fam

  3. 3 days ago
    Wed Apr 26 17:46:15 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in Story 2.0.

    And strange memes such as

  4. Wed Apr 26 17:42:40 2017

    Wot in argumentation

  5. 5 days ago
    Mon Apr 24 02:26:50 2017

    Can we get legitimate pets though? I don't know how many times it's been done in the past but I've never seen nor heard of ocelot or wolf spawn eggs being given. With the knew snapshot having parrots, maybe when it is released we can have parrots as well?

  6. last week
    Thu Apr 20 18:38:09 2017
    GrinningBobcat posted in The Selfie Thread!!.

    @BluePlauge -image-

    Sorry @kinkyboss but yes it was haircut time. But if it makes you feel better it was immediately donated to Angel Hair for Kids to be made into a wig. Now my lame hideous man bun, can be some childs ponytail. Short story, I lost my cousin Misty to Cancer when I was 14, my grampa Doug to Cancer when I was about 18, then 2 years ago I lost my Gramma again to Cancer. I decided that I wanted to do something, anything to help. But I'm not overly talented or skilled at anything to help bring awareness but I could grow my hair and give it away. I figured it's literally the least I can do since I'm actually stopping something I'm already doing, cutting my hair. I will admit there were times when I wanted to march into my bathroom and cut it all off because I've never really had log hair before, and it's super annoying. But I'm so happy today after giving it away. Knowing it's gonna make some kid somewhere happy. I'm not done yet though, I'm going to start again today and grow it out for round 2. Last time it took 2 years to grow... hopefully it doesn't take that long again. And hopefully I don't look as bad as I think with short hair now. I don't look the same any more.

    nO where is my jesus?!?!

  7. Thu Apr 20 18:35:14 2017

    The Hurricane shit storm pushes onward

  8. Wed Apr 19 23:13:44 2017

    Mother of god what has this turned into

  9. Wed Apr 19 20:00:01 2017

    @Blackened_Dawn @GrinningBobcat for the crates? I was mostly focused on eggs, and making sure the eggs weren't too op; the weapons were the least of my concerns

    will you promise us those will be regulated too I suppose?

  10. Wed Apr 19 19:32:15 2017

    *Varrick voice from Legend of Korra*

    Good Day Crafty mYNES. Looks like today is turning out to be a wild one.

    aND The Blackened Dawn is the first to hit the scene, coming back with some very good points and even crippling cephid with a snarky recmark on ceph's sudden "I want to help the server improve" attitude calling HIM out on it being after being demoted.

    Now Ms. @Blackened_Dawn my question is. If you are the one in charge of it then why did you not realize this becoming a conundrum?

    moving on to her next point is how staff maybe forgets to say thing, well in my personal unecessary-and-most-likely-to-be-ignored opinion I say there should be a set goal of things for new members of each teir of staff should be told.

    it also appears there is drama between staff members that will not be discussed and I assume will never be discussed. Well folks respect the peoples' privacy and don't try and pry it from them.

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