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  1. 2 months ago
    Tue Dec 1 21:26:46 2020
    DannyWelbeck started the conversation it wouldnt let me reply in the original thread.

    it wouldnt let me post a reply, my skin has been changed pls unban

    btw that italian flag was was used in the 1800s but ok, changed it anyway

  2. Mon Nov 30 00:48:57 2020
    DannyWelbeck started the conversation Dannywelbeck ban appeal.

    banned for political/war related skin
    my skin was supposed to be the Kingdom of Italy flag, not sure if it showed up
    should be unbanned bc thats not offensive

  3. 4 years ago
    Thu Dec 15 21:54:05 2016
    DannyWelbeck started the conversation DannyWelbeck's ban appeal.


    Banned for not changing skin

    Should be unbanned because I got a warning, changed skin and got banned anyway

  4. Thu Dec 15 21:39:36 2016
    DannyWelbeck joined the forum.