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    Thu Jun 4 02:34:04 2020
    CountPWNzorf posted in Need advise .

    I wish I could talk to the person... and offer an alliance.. not to brag, but I am almost positive my base is better than his/rs. I'd rather have an ally and keep my base

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    Wed Jun 3 03:23:00 2020
    CountPWNzorf started the conversation Need advise .

    my base is being raided.. slowly.. somehow someone got the cords... because there was just a hole dug straight down...

    What I need advise on is how to move on... I've (we) have spent hundreds of hours to make our base...
    So much work all for nothing... so much work.... I don't even want to launch MC now... Im so angry... so heartbroken...
    Im sure many of you guys have had this happen... how do you get over it..?

  3. last week
    Sun May 24 04:46:00 2020
    CountPWNzorf posted in my pawn shop.

    love the idea.. though I looked through my chests and can find no "junk" as you put it..
    Hording = winning

  4. 8 months ago
    Sun Sep 15 04:01:14 2019
    CountPWNzorf posted in Base pics 2.0!!.

    I know that sand formation.. See you soon!

  5. 9 months ago
    Sun Sep 1 07:24:29 2019

    it had a very good use.. it allowed you to accept a tp request without using the TPA of the server.

  6. Sun Sep 1 05:10:03 2019
    CountPWNzorf started the conversation CountPWNzorf's Staff Application .

    In Game Name:

    Age: (Please note an age restriction of 16+ applies)

    Time Zone:
    USA Central (Chicago time, UTC -6)

    In game knowledge, helpful personality, dedicated.
    I tend to play when little to no staff is on(1:00 am and later). I might be able to maintain representation of staff during off hours.
    I have done VERY little raiding.. and would be absolutely willing to give it up entirely.

    Inconsistency with log-ins, may log on everyday sometimes I may not for several days. Sometimes chat blind (focusing on my project of the moment). Not very strong with the tech side of server operations.

    Why you are Applying:
    At a certain point.. the meaning of the game (and this server in particular) changes for you. Eventually it's more about the interactions between players and less about the "Grind". Although I still grind just like any other player. Iv'e played 2 previous wipes that I can remember, this being the first time iv'e really spent hundreds of hours playing. I am willing to offer whatever skills I have to the betterment of the server.

    Time Played on CraftyMynes 24,808,228 ticks (as of 09/01)

    Custom Note
    I would appreciate your consideration. would be happy to answer questions... MSG me if you see me on..

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    Sun Jul 14 19:41:50 2019
    CountPWNzorf posted in Word Association.

    877 cash now!

  8. Sun Jul 14 07:02:01 2019
    CountPWNzorf posted in Word Association.


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    Thu Jun 20 05:17:57 2019
    CountPWNzorf posted in Base Pics !!.

    Base Pics !!
    Post some of your favorite pictures of the new seed!
    I love to show off, and see other people's builds.

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    Sun May 19 07:35:01 2019
    CountPWNzorf started the conversation account verification.

    Is the server down? talking about

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