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    Thu May 24 19:25:21 2018
    Naidae posted in A Modest Proposal.

    @GrandpaCarl00 Also, @Naidae couldn't the same be said about building too? Not siding with TE but building is arguably as easy to get bored of as raiding- Once you're out of ideas, you're out of ideas- plus this again is CM- like you said, raiding and griefing is open game.

    And eventually, the builders have nothing left to build, they're just mainly sitting around nowadays, or end up becoming inactive. Also, if every one of CM didn't raid or grief and it was just building, there would be an unhealthy amount of tranquility and things would get boring, y'know? Nowadays there's very much hardly anything left to do on CM. Most of what's been built has been built. The Economy is severely broken and with structure generation in shambles- messing with any form of data is risky business so a reset is really the only good solution. Plus you know too, griefing isn't entirely a bad thing. Softatroll and good portions of SC weren't active but the griefing of Esepolis actually gave them something to do.

    Craftymynes in general hasn't been very full like it has been in the last few months either even if school has been around for most people. With the reasons above, things just got stale man- When measures call people will do things to spice things up.

    @GrandpaCarl00 Well of course it goes both ways, but I was asking them specifically if raiding/griefing ever gets boring because I don't hear or see much in the way of building on their end. I think you took my question the wrong way-- I think raiders and griefers are a necessary part of the server and without them, the "survival" aspect gets taken down a peg. I was seriously just curious if they ever got bored with it; if builders get bored, I would think griefers would too from time to time.

    and @darktyui Thank you for actually answering my question! It's appreciated :)

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    Wed May 23 23:35:59 2018
    Naidae posted in A Modest Proposal.

    I see two sides to this, really.

    1. It's a raiding/griefing server. We should all be prepared to lose our builds at any given time; it's the nature of the beast. That's the whole point! You build, you get raided, you start over :) Play smart, play safe, and you'll most likely have a good time. It was a nice town, but it's time to go.

    2. Whether joking or not, I find it in poor taste to somewhat mock the people that put tons of hours in on building this town. Extorting them for payment that you are definitely not owed just seems wrong. I personally don't see how constantly raining on players' fun is actually entertaining, but different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

    Legit question, doesn't raiding and/or griefing get boring ever? Like, do you folks work on your own builds and such, or is your time on CM solely dedicated to raiding?

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    Wed Feb 14 00:59:37 2018

    Well count me in, but sorry to see another player go!

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    Mon Dec 18 22:00:23 2017

    @mightymyntz AND @TheDunmerRaven both pop in at the same time?? CONSPIRACY!

    WB Myntz :D You haven't really missed a whole lot, still the same ol' same ol'

  6. Sat Dec 9 07:32:58 2017
    Naidae posted in CM Fit Club.

    I'm looking forward to the new year; I'm going to be totally changing up my current habits. I work from home, so I'm in front of this damn computer constantly. I need to get up and out and work on my health!

    Tez, you are a great inspiration! I hope I can better myself as you have done!! Great work! :D

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    Wed Nov 15 18:11:24 2017

    XD oh goodness, well I'm glad the "issue" is fixed, I suppose

  9. Wed Nov 15 09:39:25 2017

    Uh... I'm not seeing the issue here; Maybe it's too late, or I'm blind, but what exactly is the problem?

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