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  1. 3 days ago
    Wed Oct 18 16:48:47 2017

    @Dennari43 Thank you for putting into words what I have wanted to say for quite some time now. I'm not affiliated with NN in any way, but as an outsider looking in, they get a lot of unnecessary hate. I honestly think people should take a step back and let them breathe.

    @NerdieBirdieYT I think you have a good idea going here, and while I don't have the time for events myself, I do hope everything goes well! :D Best of luck!

  2. 4 days ago
    Tue Oct 17 21:42:40 2017
    Naidae posted in support humfry.

    Happy Birthday humf! MIM and I are already hard at work collecting sand and gravel ^^ If I run across a mesa, I'll get clay too!

  3. Tue Oct 17 16:46:59 2017

    Oh well, time to start again! :D I like that my windmill made it into the photos ^^

  4. 5 days ago
    Mon Oct 16 17:41:11 2017
    Naidae posted in END PORTAL PROBLEMS.

    Yeah I've used those portals before without any issue, so this seems like something might be messed up.

  5. last week
    Mon Oct 9 20:16:22 2017
    Naidae posted in Theme Park Fever.

    sounds good :) I'm still at work right now, but maybe in another hour or so

  6. Mon Oct 9 19:18:11 2017
    Naidae posted in Theme Park Fever.

    I'm gonna start scouting for a place this afternoon!

  7. Mon Oct 9 19:17:02 2017

    @thegoldsmith as of right now, we are calling her Nyx. She hasn't responded to it in two days... soooo, we'll see if it sticks, but yeah. For now, it's Nyx, (aka fajita) @rnc2011

  8. Mon Oct 9 19:15:40 2017
    Naidae posted in This Proves my point!.

    Yeah, gotta agree with everyone here. You may not like how Nerdie discusses situations involving you via his YT channel, but he's completely within his bounds. Plus, the video is not targeted directly at you or set at defaming you in any manner.

  9. 2 weeks ago
    Sat Oct 7 01:16:34 2017

    @rnc2011 Cleo

    I love this name! ... Too bad we have another cat by that name already XD

  10. Sat Oct 7 00:55:32 2017
    Naidae started the conversation New Addition! (Suggestions Welcome!).

    So, we (MIMSoM and I) have a new addition to our little family!


    She's a 9-month-old calico, and currently without a name! :o How tragic... So, we are asking for suggestions on a name!

    She's very playful, looooooves snuggling and cuddles, and has already proven to be a master at getting up and into places she shouldn't. Any ideas? :D

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