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  1. 11 months ago
    Thu Jul 2 00:11:33 2020
    Naidae posted in ban appeal?.

    Good Afternoon! I'm the mod that banned you today. I find it very curious that you say you were afk before getting banned, as I watched you for several minutes digging straight to diamond ores... Any form of cheating will not be tolerated and results in a permanent ban.

    Best of luck elsewhere!


  2. last year
    Fri Feb 21 06:30:08 2020
    Naidae posted in How are things?.

    very long time no see, but then again, I've kinda gone MIA myself lately. Must fix that...

  3. Wed Nov 27 01:09:17 2019
    Naidae posted in FalkeEros's Ban Appeal.

    Hello, I am the mod that banned you. We take all claims of hacking seriously, whether joking/pretending or not. Please take the time to review our rules before returning to the server.

    You have been pardoned.

  4. Tue Oct 22 12:39:11 2019
    Naidae posted in _Ikion_'s ban appeal.

    Good Morning, I am the mod that banned you. While I greatly appreciate you admitting to using x-ray, any form of cheating will not be tolerated. I wish you the best of luck on other servers, but your appeal is denied.

  5. Thu Aug 22 16:58:52 2019
    Naidae posted in DB theme park project.

    @bgmg would you have any use for prismarine blocks, prismarine bricks, or prismarine lanterns? Willing to donate as much as you want for free

  6. Wed Aug 14 13:29:34 2019
    Naidae posted in Word Association.

    Elephant seal!

  7. Mon Aug 12 05:46:21 2019
    Naidae posted in trade spam.

    @Pwnanite How about Inuyashi with her chat bot timed to 10 minute intervals over the last 48 hours

    Just wanted to chime in and say no, I wouldn't consider that spam. While it can be repetitive and some players may find it annoying, they aren't spamming chat constantly. My personal rule of thumb for spam is once per screen of chat, so 10-minute intervals aren't even close.

  8. Tue Jul 23 08:11:09 2019

    Damn it! XD Wasn't me-- though I'll up the ante.. make it to 20 mil and I'll buy you VIP+

    ETA: I know you have ideas on what you're planning on doing once you reach 10 mil, so no worries if you decide not to keep going! :)

  9. Fri Jul 19 05:12:51 2019
    Naidae posted in Word Association.


  10. Thu Jul 4 17:41:52 2019
    Naidae posted in waC waC waC.

    Fairly certain I saw Dunmer pop up on the forums a couple of months back...

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