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    Fri Aug 18 16:57:58 2017

    @HaloNest It's always fun to build multi-grinders, I had 6 spider spawners in my SP world and I'm sure nobody can beat that

    Technically... I have 7 in my "house" on CM.. 4 within active area of each other :D The other 3 are just around the corner

    Multi spawners are always fun to come across!

  2. 3 days ago
    Wed Aug 16 18:19:05 2017
    Naidae posted in Fastest way to get xp.

    @ShadowHunter7_ Ive been looking at desigbs of guardian farms and shouldnt they produce 3 times more xp than enderman farms

    You have to build massive guardian farms to get them to actually spawn, because of the mob capping on the server. While it can be done and used for xp, I would recommend building a blaze farm in the nether. Same xp as guardians, and you are working off an actual spawner. :)

  3. 5 days ago
    Tue Aug 15 03:32:04 2017

    @NerdieBirdieYT @Naidae And I would agree as well, except, yet again, he was warned for releasing private information.

    Not names. He was not told to stop using first names.

    And Vene's first name is allowed in general chat, apparently, or, only by people he wants to use it, because he's staff and does what he wants.

    After Grassling uses this non-private information in chat, he is banned.

    You see the issue?

    Yes, I understand the discrepancy between what he was told and what he said. Again, I wasn't there so I can't speak to that. However, from what I've read, it looks like Grassling was told, before getting banned, to stop using personal names of staff in chat, and yet he continued. All I can really say here is that if someone who knew me in real life used my real name in the game, and others started doing so, I'd be very upset. Not sure how to remedy the situation, but it seems like maybe we should all be respectful of the person's wishes.

    If your name came out in chat but you didn't want people to use it, or spread it around, how would you feel if nothing was done to prevent that? Again, we say Ven's real name was common knowledge, but hell, I didn't even know his name until this who thread came up. So it's not like everyone was or is on a first name basis around here.

  4. Tue Aug 15 03:19:26 2017

    @NerdieBirdieYT @Venetorem He was not told to stop saying names. He was told to stop revealing private information. Your first name isn't private information.

    I wasn't around when the ban happened, but I think the bottom line is Grassling continued to do something after staff told him/her to stop. That alone can warrant a ban. I can't speak for those involved, that's just my opinion.

  5. Tue Aug 15 03:18:05 2017

    See.. this is the reason these threads are so sticky.. they start out as opinion threads and end up as bashing, back and forth, nonsense. There is nothing constructive happening at this point...

  6. Tue Aug 15 00:01:49 2017

    @NerdieBirdieYT I mean.. you keep saying to want staff to look at how we handle enforcement of the rules, but I've yet to see any actual proposed solutions, suggestions, or ideas for modification of the enforcement system? I'm not trying to corner you here, I'm just genuinely curious if you or anyone else, have any solutions/ideas/suggestions they'd like to propose?

  7. Mon Aug 14 23:42:01 2017

    @NerdieBirdieYT Deleting a post made to complain (justifiably, in my opinion) about staff should be seen as a suggestion or a critique, not as a bash to the head. If players are repeatedly noticing problems in the staff system (which Grassling mentioned, and I can confirm), they should be brought to attention, not hidden away because staff doesn't want their title slandered.

    So, the way I see this situation is not so much that staff are trying to hide their mistakes or keep their reputation "clean", it's more so that threads like that tend to turn into a manhunt-- anyone with issues against staff can reply and cause the thread to snowball into something much more than a simple suggestion or critique. Thus, a lot of those threads are locked/removed to avoid that from happening. If anyone has a direct issue with staff, they really should bring it to our attention via a private message. That way it can be dealt with easily, without escalation.

  8. Mon Aug 14 23:33:02 2017

    I'd like to add that while I've only been a member of staff for a very short period of time, I've been a part of the CraftyMynes server for nearly two years (maybe longer?). A lot of the infractions that staff deals with and that other players feel are harsh stem from people pushing the boundaries of the rules. If someone isn't sure if what they want to say or want to do is against the rules-- why do it? Why not ask first and avoid any trouble?

    I understand that everyone's personal views on strictness and leniency are going to be different, and decisions made by staff members aren't always going to be agreed with by players, but in the end, just as R4 said, we are humans--and players-- too, and we are only trying to make our best judgements, given the situation. I'm all for having well thought out discussions and even debates on how the server is handled, all I ask from everyone is that there is mutual respect between players and staff.

    I think it's rather unfair to make any blanket statements about the staff-- just as staff wouldn't (or shouldn't) make any blanket statements about the community of the server. It just wouldn't be accurate and it's definitely not constructive.

  9. 2 weeks ago
    Sun Aug 6 05:41:27 2017
    Naidae posted in Voting Rewards.

    Don't forget that voting at least once per day for 25 days in a row will earn you a crafty crate, so there's that...

  10. Thu Aug 3 20:05:06 2017
    Naidae posted in spawners conditions.

    @HaloNest ohhh, my bad! I'll change it then, thanks :D

    no problemo! :D

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