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    Wed Apr 10 11:02:56 2024

    here is why cm is dead

    1. horribly mismanaged, staff presence is nonexistent and do not engage with the community. the discord is less active than some 10 member private discord
    2. horrible server software, switch to semi vanilla already. many incredibly game breaking things ruining the server experience in the past could've been resolved with a seamless switch to paper or something else actually competent, but there is this obnoxiously obsessive compulsion to stick with official mojang vanilla software. "blame it on mojang" doesnt work as an excuse anymore when there is an objectively better choice to make
    3. vanilla minecraft is running out of steam, sorry, pack things up and move on

    is there any fix to these problems? in principle, yep, but pragmatically, nope lol. i have exhaustively discussed these issues for the past 6 years or so, especially the semi vanilla change, and i'm always met with the same adamance over and over again. it is literally pointless to mentally invest any further in a server that refuses to change

  2. 6 months ago
    Tue Sep 26 21:41:21 2023

    Yes, because the actual, tangible benefits from using better software outweigh the cognitive dissonance from challenging dogmatic beliefs that otherwise just make us feel good inside.

    Should I be blunt? "We are pure vanilla which is good" is textbook dogma that has plagued this server for years now. We keep seeing the negative effects of this belief over and over and over again, and yet we must continue to use Mojang's jar, because this is true and good and unquestionable. Like I said, textbook dogma.

    Only like 5 or 6 remotely active players still care, and the player counts speak for itself. Keep in mind this server used to pull in 20-40 players regularly at its peak. The rest of the player base who value an actual better server experience quit years ago and will never voice their dissenting opinions here for that reason.

  3. Mon Sep 25 11:10:05 2023

    From a pragmatic standpoint I believe the server's current playstyle/experience skews things far more in the semi-vanilla direction than plugins and mods which fix the game's issues ever will.

    Ordinary players aren't going to care about things like thunder hack being patched with a plugin (because they're typically not cheaters), insta-kill bow hacks being patched with a plugin (because they're typically not cheaters), or server lag being optimized (because less or even no lag benefits the vanilla experience).

    Things like ranks, homes, .commands, custom spawn, monthly CraftyCrate giveaways, server jails, minigames, etc, even if they are *technically* implemented with command blocks, third party software running in the background, and external web APIs, are far more likely to be noticed and singled out by players as being "semi-vanilla" like. The standard Minecraft/Minecraft Realms experience simply doesn't provide any of these features.

    To rephrase things in a more conclusive way, I think it's okay to be semi-vanilla with plugins and lie about it. The server lists don't care anymore as Dennari alleged in this very thread, so that diplomatic excuse is gone. And it would be a white lie anyways, because regardless of semi-vanilla status the server still wouldn't go out of its way to create an experience far removed from vanilla that it would scare off players looking for a SMP experience.

    As long as the semi-vanilla things work invisibly in the background to benefit the vanilla experience of the player base, this single aspect doesn't detract from being "vanilla" at all, and nobody should really care about it unless they're just dogmatically opposed to it.

  4. Fri Sep 22 20:53:44 2023

    @Tez1010 Getting new people to join is mainly down to three things - votes, *critical mass*

    Critical mass - players don't join if they see 0 players on the server. They may as well play sp. They start to join if they see 3 or 4. Maybe some of the staff and loyal players can watch for the numbers being low and join even if they are mainly afk or just for a few minutes.

    I agree with critical mass being a factor (in fact I would argue it's the most important factor), however the threshold is empirically not 3-4 players. We should otherwise be seeing brand new players join literally all the time because the server always has 3-4 players online on average, and a handful of those should be sticking around. But they aren't and the server hardly ever reaches above 10 players, I was surprised when I saw it reached 14 at one time but I haven't seen that number since. In my opinion that threshold is around 15-20 regular players.

    Regardless of where that threshold is, there's a major antagonistic force against player retention and growth that prevents the server from going above 10 players, which you might have already guessed is the Mojang server jar. It's designed for Minecraft Realms numbers of players which is 11 max; Mojang is financially incentivized to optimize for this target since Realms is their first party paid hosting service.

    We have seen it, time and time again, over and over again, that when the server has 15 players all operating in independent base chunks we start seeing extreme server lag. Every time there's a map reset the server lags to hell and back because there's like 30 people all loading independent chunks.

    Critically is good and all, but when there's an opposing force conveniently above the criticality threshold that makes new players quit because they don't want to play on a "laggy, crappy server," suddenly criticality, player retention, and welcoming means squat. There's even a thread here that specifically petitions to switch to semi-vanilla to fix "extreme server lag" as one of the reasons.

  5. 7 months ago
    Tue Sep 19 20:22:57 2023

    inb4 boats man
    also its super easy to install something like fabric and then all of the mods specifically to optimize server performance, like lithium for mob ai, starlight for lighting engine, etc with ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGE to existing functionality. there is literally no reason to continue using mojank shitty jar. fabric modders have painstakingly taken the effort to always preserve vanilla code when optimizing this shit game. meanwhile mojang cant even optimize their game for minecraft realms

  6. Sat Sep 9 19:01:10 2023
    j____a____r____d posted in birdfrock.

    @babybirdfrock wasn't cheating, big fcukgin diff bozo.

    Rule 3

  7. Sat Sep 9 18:57:34 2023
    j____a____r____d posted in birdfrock.

    Minimaps are strictly forbidden on CM, cheaters are not tolerated!

  8. Sat Sep 9 09:34:41 2023
    j____a____r____d posted in birdfrock.

    -image- is this report just going to be ignored despite the clear precedent that "accidentally logging in with minimap" is still a perma ban?


  9. Fri Sep 8 02:17:04 2023
    j____a____r____d posted in Worldborder size doubled.

    @birdfrock I'm not concerned with it. are you?

    I’m concerned with cheaters running unapproved mods and software on Craftymynes if that’s what you’re asking ;)

  10. Fri Sep 8 00:10:01 2023
    j____a____r____d posted in Worldborder size doubled.

    @birdfrock so also what you're saying is if we don't log in for 6 months our base or build could be deleted and reset?

    This is what happens when you start begging for admin intervention because “greeferz ruin muh playstyle,” you voted for this brah

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